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  1. pguha

    Interview scheduled, but no letter yet

    Hey, Are you on EB2 or EB3? Is your PD current according to the Sep Visa Bulletin (Final Action Chart)? We are from India, and on EB2. Our PD became current in the Sep Visa Bulletin, but we haven't heard anything from USCIS yet. Thanks, PG
  2. Hi There, We submitted our I-485 in Oct 2016. After which we did the biometric test, and got the EAD card along with advanced parole document. Then last year, 2017, our medical exams needed a renewal, and there was a RFE for that. After that, we again received a new EAD card with advanced parole. Only in Sep VB of this year, our PD has become current as per the "Final Action Dates" table. So, I am not sure what other steps and processes are involved now? Is interview mandatory? If so, we haven't received any request from USCIS yet.
  3. Ok...so our 485 was filed two years ago, and we have our EAD card and Travel Document etc. It's just in yesterday's VB, our PD became current (in the list that says "Final Action Dates"). We filed 2 years ago when our PD was current based on the second list that says ("Dates for Filing...") So, in this situation, how many weeks can we expect for the process to take?
  4. Hi there, We have a trip planned outside of US in the month of Nov (starting Nov 8th). Our PD has just become current (in the most recent Visa Bulletin). Was wondering if it is reasonable to expect that we would get our GC before our travel start date? How long does it usually take for the GC to be processed and approved once the PD is current. I am sure there is case by case variations, but if anyone is willing to share any experience with the wait time, it will be good to have an idea
  5. Hi, We filed the I-131 & I-765 for a Combo Card renewal Sep 20, 2107 at the TSC. We misplaced/lost the receipt for the filing and have not received a Combo Card yet. How can we check the status of our application. How long does this process normally take? Thanks, IG
  6. My husband and I are planning to travel to India sometime this year or early next year. I am on H4 and he is on H1-B. Our AOS is pending (1-485 has been filed), and we have EAD/AP documents. By any chance if our visa gets denied or delayed by the US Embassy in India, can we still re-enter the US based on the active AP document only? Or a valid visa is always mandatory? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. Does anyone know what the USCIS processing times for I-485 for a particular service center imply? Currently, for Texas Service Center, it is showing that it is processing, as of Feb 28th, for those submitted before Dec 21st, 2016. Ours were filed on Oct 6th, 2016...but we haven't received any approval yet. Does any one have any info about it? Does it vary by country? We are from India with a priority date of Mar 24th, 2009 and it was filed in EB-2 category Would appreciate any thoughts on this. -IG
  8. I am working based on my H4-EAD that expires on Dec 1st, 2016. I did apply for H4 and EAD renewal, and both of them have been approved, and I have received the approval notices. But I haven't received the EAD card. It's been more than a week since I received my approved form I-765 that approves my work authorization for 3 more years. My question is, if I do not receive the EAD card before Dec 1st, can I still continue to work based on the approved I-765 notice? Please share any thoughts/previous experience with a similar situation. Thanks
  9. pguha

    H4 EAD

    Ok...thank you. Fortunately, both my H4 and EAD have been approved...not concurrently, but within less than 2 weeks of each other.
  10. pguha

    Different USCIS A#

    Hi, I received the biometrics appointment notice in connection with my I-485 (Green card) application yesterday, and I noticed that the Alien Registration No or A# has been changed. I have been living in the US since 2010, and undergone several change of status (from H4 to F1 to H1B to H4), and have always had the same A#. My husband is the primary applicant and I am the beneficiary. Anyone seen this before? Thanks
  11. pguha

    H4 EAD

    I am working on a H4 EAD that will expire on Dec 1st, 2016. I had applied for renewal of H4 and EAD on July 28th. Although my H4 has been approved, my EAD is still pending. My questions: 1. Does the 3 month processing time(my case is with Vermont Service Center) apply since the day the application was sent to USCIS or the day my H4 was approved? 2. Also, what happens if the EAD does not come on time? How do companies handle such a situation? Is there any way I can still legally stay employed based on the pending application? Please share your thoughts, past experience (if any) with a similar situation. Thanks
  12. My husband's PD is Mar 24, 2009 and based on the October 2016 Visa Bulletin, where it allows one to file based on the "Dates of Filing Chart", we filed for AOS on Oct 5th. A part of the fee was borne by us, and we sent a personal check. But as of today, our lawyer hasn't received an e-notification from USCIS with the receipt number and our check has still not been encashed. So basically we have no proof of submission or any receipt no to track the status. Anyone been through similar situation? How long do they normally take to send the receipt number or encash your check? In all my past experience with USCIS, when I had sent checks for any of my previous Visas, they got encashed max within 3-4 business days.