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  1. My h1b stamping has been done.
  2. @premkalyan521 pls advise.
  3. Not received any update till now.
  4. I am currently working for Employer A (top MNC) in india. Employer B have file h1b CAP Exempt petition based on my previous petition in 2015 and got approved petition from employer B valid till 2018. I went for stamping with approved petition from employer B in india and got 221g (admin processing) asking for project document. Now employer A has initiated CAP exempt petition. My questions are 1) if my visa is granted through employer B (while h1b CAP Exempt petition is pending from employer A), can i travel to USA on visa obtained from employer B petition? 2) if my visa is granted through employer B (while h1b CAP Exempt petition is Approved from employer A before i travel to USA), can i travel to USA on visa obtained from employer B petition? 3) will it create problem at port of entry while traveling to USA? Pls advise. Thanks in Advance. Reddy
  5. Hi, I had recently attended my H1b visa interview in hyderabad. I was given 221g white and asked to send project description document to the mail id given on 221g white form. Infact during the visa interview VO has asked for project document and given same. vo had scrolled through first 3 - 4 pages and gave back. At the end of interview vo has asked me why i am changing from top indian MNC to my US petitioner ( which is medium size IT consulting and prod development firm with 120 employees) and asked to me send the proj description document to the mail. I have the following questions. 1) how long it will take to get the result of 221g white hyderabad with just proj description document query? 2) what are the chances of getting it cleared? 3) what they will verify incase of inhouse project with query on project desc document? 4)submitted the proj document with in 2days after visa interview, but status / date in CEAC is not updated till now? It has been more than 10 days. 5) in website status is showing as Passport is with US embassy, but actually passport was returned to me along with 221g white form after the interview. Any idea why it is showing incorrect status? 6) i was given case number as 2016xxx-xxx format. In some forums it has been advised to append 0001 at the end to check the status of visa. When checked with case number followed by 0001 at the end, it is showing as adminstrative processing, but when appended with 0002, status is showing as issued. Pls advise what does the status with 0002 indicate(i.e 2016xxx-xxx-0002)? Pls advise. Any thing you can suggest/advise to get the 221g query resolved quickly? Your suggetions are highly appreciated. If you are in the same boat, pls get in touch me on my mail Thanks Reddy