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  1. Thank you to murthy forum, below is my visa stamping experience, Sep 26 ASC 9.00 AM Sep 27 Visa Interview 8.00 AM Me : Good Morning Officer VO : Good Morning, passport and I-797 Please Me : passed VO : Who is your Employer? ME : XXXXX VO : Who is your End Client? Me : XXXXXX VO : Was trying to give wrote something on the Yellow slip and checking his system Me: Officer I do have old passport VO : Pass it to me, he cancelled the old visa(Valid Visa upto 2 more months) ME: I was thinking that ok he is going to approve my new visa VO : Have you done Master's in Chm Eng ME : Yes VO: So you got 221 G in Calgary Canada Last time and it took long time right Me : Yes I got it VO : He went inside and came back after 15 min and said at this movement I cannot issue your visa. VO : Issued 221G but he said that last it took long time for you but this time you will get the update within the 24 hrs Me: I was ok and asked him so you have cancelled my visa now if I don't get the update in 24 hrs I cannot enter into US so what would you want me to do in that situation. VO : No issues you can go and at the border tell them you had interview and it is in the clearance process, show them approval notice and 221G form they will allow you. Me: Ok VO : Now you can go to the other counter one lady office come and explain remaining procedure. ME : Ok Lady Officer(Mexican) : Brought the resume which I submitted last year whatever I submitted at calgary consulate. Me: I was shocked and told her I have the updated resume. Lady : Ok give it to me and please provide your employer contact name, number and email Me : Provided. At this movement I was thinking that VO said only 24 hrs, so I planned to stay one more day at Salvador Hotel and next day went to consulate at the consulate I spoke with the security people they checked inside and let me allow to talk to the same VO. VO: Are you still here? Me: Yes, you told me that it will take 24 hrs that's why I am here VO: Oh no, I just said 24 hrs, I sent your case to Washington and it will take some time. You can go to USA until you receive the update. Me: Same question I asked him again, you cancelled my existing Valid visa, do they allow me? VO : Repeated same thing like show them approved I-797 and 221G Me: Ok Officer, I will go now. Me: I vacated the motel and went to border Border Officer: show me your visa ME: I showed the cancelled visa and said whatever I discussed with VO Officer: He took me into the room and made me to sit almost 3 hrs, after 3 hrs sir without cancelled visa we would have allowed you but we cannot allow you with this. Me: I requested him with the same details again but he said no. I went back and called Salvador to pick me up back Salvador: Arranged his assistant to pick me up. Next day I went to consulate to discuss this at 10 AM, security people asked me to wait some time, after some time they took my passport and checked with VO, came back with the good news sir your visa is approved but print is not ready please come back at 3 PM to pickup the passport. I was so happy and left from there to hotel. I went to consulate to pick up passport at 3 pm and returned USA at POE they made us to wait for 3 hrs and asked some questions related to employer address, salary and employer name.
  2. Ram01

    Do Indians Need Mexico visa

    yes, as long as you have valid US visa you don't need mexico visa.
  3. no need to go for stamping, i also did same thing, just carry new I-797 and they will ask current employer.
  4. Ram01

    Matamoros Sep 26th and 27th

    sent you message
  5. Ram01

    Matamoros Sep 26th and 27th

    Can you please update your profile with email or phone number, so that i can contact you.
  6. Ram01

    Matamoros Sep 26th and 27th

    I do not have mexico visa but i have valid us visa stamp on my passport, as long as you have valid stamp in the passport we do not need to take mexico visa as per the forum suggestions, also I have sent an email to Mexico consulate and they have replied the same.
  7. I have scheduled my appointment on Sept 26th and 27th for stamping, I am planning to take Salvador services. If you are interested we can share the expenses. I might be driving from Dallas on Sunday Sept 25th .
  8. Ram01

    Matamoros Stamping on 20th sept

    I have scheduled the appointment on Sept 26th and 27th. SUN - VSP can you please update your profile, I will contact you.
  9. Thanks you for the quick reply and if i get 221G, can I come to US with my current valid visa?
  10. Hello All, I need to go to India in the month of Nov, my current visa is valid until Nov 14th 2016, my extension approved for 3 year and the start date is Nov 15th 2016. Is it ok to go for visa stamping End of this month to Mexico? Please let me know if there is any issue.
  11. Ram01

    Need dates for H-1B Stamping Merida

  12. Hello Everyone. Currently I have valid Visa Stamp until Nov 2016 on my passport, now I am planning to get the stamping before it expires because last time when I went Canada I got 221G and stayed there almost more than a month. This time I would like to make sure everything is correct before I go for stamping, I read somewhere in the forum that when we go to Canada or Mexico for H1B stamping if we have valid visa stamp on the passport we can return to US if we get 221G. Now I would like to know that when I go to India for stamping if I get 221G can I come back to US and go back to India when it is cleared. Please provide me your suggestions. Thanks in advance.