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  1. In usa 2 mens are getting married legally. You are in a much better relationship. I think you still need to dig deep into ur h4 case and find out the exact reason why it got denied.
  2. you are almost there. Request your spouse to be patient for 1 more month. Do not give up and hold your breathe.
  3. make sue ur still married to the usa citizen spouse even after 365daysx2. Happy gc honeymoon!
  4. tsc is the most notorious service center. Chances are it might get transferred to your local jurisdiction after 1-2 months and then the actual 1-2 yrs waiting period starts ie uscis timeline back log delays.
  5. uscis officers are happily withdrawing their monthly salaries and celebrating valentines day, etc... auspicious occasions in usa.
  6. what a waste of visa numbers and more business for attorneys and lawyers.
  7. I think spouse should attend h4 stamping with new employer i 797.
  8. 1) during 240 days when my i94 is already expired — Can I file i485 and EAD? -> When you can work on 240 day rule, then I am sure you could apply I 485, ead, ap 2) after EAD is approved Is it ok to start working on EAD for same employer? -> Yes, on ead you can work for same employer. 3) if I switch to EAD then does it matters if H1b extension is finally denied -> I think it should not matter whether h1b extension is approved/denied as you already applied i 485 to adjust the status.
  9. Yes you could get h4 visa stamping done in uk/London. Be prepared to answer what you are pursuing in uk.
  10. You do not really need gc to stay together. If your spouse is a qualified professional, try to get him/her on F1 (college/univ. admission) H1 lottery is also an option or simply sponsor visitor visa
  11. 3rd option: better get married to a usa citizen
  12. If employer is ok, I think you can go ahead and start work.
  13. All these employer lawyers are puppets and good for nothing. I 485 is a self application. If you have your I 140 approval copy then just go ahead and submit your daughters file concurrent along with ead/ap.
  14. It is a personal choice whether to get married with or without the 'Prenuptial Agreement'. For me, it does not make sense to sign such silly document even before getting married. I agree, Americans would do it. Just go get married and have a happy married life. Do not forget to register your marriage wherever you live.
  15. 1. Shut down would not affect uscis (Ead, h1b, rfe, etc...) applications. 2. Current wait time for ead renewal is 5-6 months. You would get ur ead in Feb.