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  1. I am surprised why you are still working for such a client who cannot share client letter. You would always be in trouble for your each and every future h1b extensions.
  2. i 485 is your application. You can file it even without employer consent after the date is current.
  3. I think the trend shows that applicant has to wait min. 6 months-1yr after his date is current to get gc approval.
  4. of course yes! Make sure you return back.
  5. csc - california Apr 2015 - 2.5 yrs back log nsc - nebraska Feb 2017 - 10 months back log tsc - texas Mar 2017 - 9 months back log vsc - vermont Jun 2017 - 6 months back log If you are in California, then you are probably stuck for another 2.5 yr
  6. how many days did take you to get in mail? -> will take 2-3 weeks to come to your home address. uscis sends it in 3rd call cheapest possible mail with no delivery signature. what are the total no of days that they have given u to address RFE? -> you will get 90 days from the date online status got changed i.e 11-27 + 90 days = Mostly 1st week of Mar 2018.
  7. Oct 1st you switched to H1 so I think F1 visa in passport is not valid anymore but call and check with airlines.
  8. You cannot travel via uk with an expired visa (in your case you do not have any valid visa as f1 got changed to h1). Yes, you and your spouse needs a transit visa.
  9. I have to file AOS for my dependents as well -> If spouse is in usa, i 485 can be filed until 1 yr from the primary pd is current. So in this case how I can file AOS for my dependents safe and Please share your -> If Nov 2006 candidates are getting rfe this indicates that eb3 dates would move close to your pd in next visa bulletin.
  10. 1. Can I challenge the decision -> yes, do not give up. Try to appeal the h1b denial decision. 2. Should I look for another employer to file for my h1b Transfer now -> Probably yes but not sure whether h1b transfer is applicable as the current h1b is denied. 3. What is counselor processing -> talk to attorney and check whether your current gc process could be modified to counselor processing. But for that I think you need to stop work and move back to home country. May be if you already filed i 485 then switch to ead. 4. Am I out of Status or do I have a grace period -> Yes, you are out of status due to h1b denial decision. Stop work and move back to home country within 30-60 days. 5. Can I challenge the decision and stimulaneously apply for H1b Transfer with extension -> I am not sure, extremely sorry to hear this h1b extension denials. Check whether you can stay in country while h1b denial appeal is in process. 6. Should I look to change my status Student F1 -> I think its worth considering the fact that currently you are out of status. If you are married may be try H4/L2.
  11. To file i 485 you need to be in usa. If you are still working for the same company then talk to your company attorney and check if they can assist. May be you can also consider counselor processing.
  12. you came on J1 visa so mention J1 date
  13. Their I 485 is pending and living in India which means their I 485 is abandoned.
  14. 1) Does anyone know what does this mean? -> Might be an error update on uscis website. Please check with your employer B attorney and make sure its not withdrawn intentionally 2) I'm also travelling to India in couple of days for my H1b stamping, will this impact my H1B VISA stamping? -> Unrelated and would not impact.
  15. 1. Apply visitors visa again after marriage and try your luck 2. Get an admission and try f1 stamping 3. Get a job and try h1