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  1. may be visit local cbp office and get it fixed.
  2. Of course yes. No point extending L1A visa, getting unnecessary rfe's, loss of peace of mind, etc... Just switch to ead.
  3. Thank you for the graphical representation. Any predictions till end of this fiscal year (September 2018)? -> 2013 movement (01 Sept 2004 - 15 Jun 2008) ~ 4 yrs 2014 movement (15 Jun 2008 - 01 May 2009) ~ 1 yr 2015 movement (01 May 2009 - 01 Jan 2006) ~ Back wards 3.4 yrs 2016 movement (01 May 2005 - 22 Feb 2005) ~ Back wards 6 months compared to 2015. DF introduced 01 Jul 2009. 2017 movement (15 Jan 2007 - 22 Aug 2008) ~ 3 yrs 2018 movement (15 Sept 2008 - 22 Dec 2008 and still counting...) ~ 1 yrs. From the trend every alternate year uscis is moving it 3 yrs and next yr they are moving it by 1 yr. So for this yr I do not see it going beyond 08 Feb 2009 (as per DF chart prediction). But due to remaining other country visa spill over it might hit 01 Jun 2009. vow ~9-10 yrs back log!
  4. Jan 2012. How long will it stay there? Any idea? -> Will become current around Oct 2018 H4 and apply for EAD? -> Might take ~6 months
  5. 1. Yes both spouse and you can file i 485 (individual applications) as long as you have the marriage certificate. If spouse is on H1, still she could file along with you. No need to convert from H1 -> H4. If spouse is working on H4 Ead, even then she could apply together. 2. Reg. new company starting your gc, you might get gc even before company B files gc. I think just submit I 485 J form
  6. Currently its 22 Dec 2008. Every month its moving 7 days. Next bulletin (May 2018) it might be 01 Jan 2009. Next (June 2018) 08 or 15 Jan 2009. July 2018 it might be 22 Jan 2009 Aug 2018 it might be 01 Feb 2009 Sept 2018 it might be 08 Feb 2009 Oct 2018 it might be 15 Feb 2009. So end of the year I am 100% sure your date would be current. Congratulations!
  7. All you EB1 managers get ready for the backlog drama which EB3, EB2 are facing for over a decade! Take a look at the pending I 485 inventory: Card/Green Card Through a Job/Employment-based_I-485_pending_at_the_Service_Centers_as_of_January_2018.pdf Abuse has already began for EB1 applicants from India starting 2015 (420), 2016 (5212), 2017 (7890).
  8. keep dreaming is a good positive approach!
  9. When you divorced ur husband how are you still claiming the gc?
  10. Get ready for the gc waiting drama. You would need to wait for another 1-2 yrs. I am positive based on nsc, tsc and csc processing timelines. They have a back log of 1 yr each!
  11. You legally (on h4) spent ur fathers hard earned money (already tax paid) for ur studies. Your spouse claimed it as a deduction is correct as its ur right since you already paid the tuition fee+tax to ur university.
  12. its a mistake to come to usa! we all are trapped into h1, h4, f1, f2, etc...gc trauma! Its a sheepish abash that kids are citizens and parents are aliens!
  13. current ead timelines: csc, nsc, tsc, vsc shows Oct 1, 2017 (approx. 5 months back log). You can add up 1 more month to it for card production and usps delivery or lost delays.
  14. Go for L2 -> H1b premium transfer based on already approved I 140. You would get results in 2-3 weeks. During this time, go on un-paid vacation at your current work place.
  15. In usa 2 mens are getting married legally. You are in a much better relationship. I think you still need to dig deep into ur h4 case and find out the exact reason why it got denied.