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  1. Yes, you qualify for non-cap H1B extension for 2 more years. The new employer has to file gc again (you would retain the old pd) and then apply for 7th yr h1b based on new approved i 140.
  2. have filed EAD application in september end and it is not yet approved -> any ead application would take min. 3-4 months.
  3. do I have to restart the whole gc process from perm step -> No need to re-start the whole gc process. You would anyway retain the same old date. can I use the EAD from the current employer's application processing? -> Yes, you can use EAD to switch employers.
  4. 1. Yes 2. Old PD is retained.
  5. 1. I485 and i765 not yet filed ( working on preparing documents for filing).If i485 and i765 is filed together and both are pending, can I change employers? If I stay with the same employer but have to change my location within US, do I need to file LCA and h1 amendment? -> I 765 approval would take min. 3-4 months. So if you intended to change employers you need to do h1b transfer. If you stay with same employer, yes you need to file h1b amendment 2. In case of layoff by current employer (due to client policy to stop hiring consultants) and i485, i765 are pending, what employment options do I have? -> You would need to switch to new employer based on h1b transfer. I 765 pending is of no use. I 765 approved is aka EAD card which you take min. 3-4 months. 3. Have h1 till march 2019. Can stay in USA be based on that irrespective of i485 application decision? -> Yes irrespective of I 485 decision you could stay in usa based on h1b until Mar 2019. What is your date and country? If your date is nearly current then you might get your i 485 approved before h1b expiry else its better to find a new employer by doing h1b transfer.
  6. If spouse is on H1/L1, convert to H4/L2 and you can stay as long as the primary applicant has an approved petition.
  7. yes you could get through if ur employer attorneys are quick while filing labor. Next file i 140 in premium with no rfe's/audit
  8. when you are so confident that your employer would not start the gc until end of 5th year do you have another choice or option? Quit employer and move on to someone who can file asap
  9. Its better to wait until company B h1 is approved, apply h4 stamping and then come back to usa.
  10. How on earth h1-amendment (work status) even related to ead (work authorization)? What does h4 ead list of documents ask? I think primary I 140 approval notice is sufficient to file ead.
  11. I am glad you did not ask whether you can submit your photo for both you and your spouse application. Unfortunately you need to pay 2 separate I 485 filing fees. So start saving money.
  12. u waited 11 yrs. Please wait another 11 days sir. Congratulations Mr. Purushotham!
  13. find a nice us citizen, get married and then apply gc.
  14. As long as your visa in passport is valid I do not see any hurdles.
  15. since rfe response is already sent, expect h1b approval in 2-3 weeks. Then you can apply h4. Btw, any one can travel any time on tourist visa.