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  1. September 2017 VISA Bulletin: 15OCT06....3 months movement May 2008 EB3 will hit around 2020.
  2. No need to wait 1 yr. You are cap exempted and employer can file h1b extension asap based on approved I 140.
  3. 6th year!
  4. think twice, why someone shouted on you and your wife. No brother would shout on you and your wife without any reason. Try to fix the relationship. Best approach is keep mouth shut when in foreign land. Shouting on FB does not make any sense to me. Its cheap! Why would you publish your petty quarrel with brothers, sisters on FB site? Just take the matter with your dad/mom and if still not fixed then start ignoring them. Period! Immigration is very sensitive matter, if you do something wrong the other party will not keep quite and unnecessary hassles for all the 4 off you.
  5. Good to hear that you both got back together. Good job! I think you should just apply for H4 visa stamping and see what happens. If H4 approved then he can come and get married to you again in usa.
  6. Stay together!
  7. 2 months gap might be a valid issue. Withdraw employment based gc and switch to family based gc asap (i.e before your pd becomes current), because uscis will send you RFE requesting to show h1b or ead for those 2 months gap. Its like a check-mate in chess!
  8. If you are paying attorney fee and uscis fee for I 140, I would wait and not waste $$s for this stupid nonsense gc process. You already waited 10 yrs. I am sure you can wait for another 1-2 months. Regarding conflicts, I do not think uscis officers would be so dumb to not make out the difference between your 10yrs old EB3 and 1 yr old EB2 case. Congratulations, finally we see some hope for Indian EB3s.
  9. I 485 filed in July 2007 fiasco is abandoned as you voluntarily moved back to India for 2 yrs (2013-2015) without converting to CP. Market was hot, still you choose to go back? Contact any lawyer who could help you withdraw your I 485 and check whether you could re-file I 485 again. @dnivra, please let us know what happened to your case once finalized.
  10. Stop abusing the gc process. If you are getting separated or already living separately, how you are still claiming the derivative gc? I wonder how many people in usa are doing this nonsense to get gc. Every legal applicant would hate this from happening.
  11. 1. Change to F1 and re-start your process 2. Even if you get a job in Architect, I do not think any one would help you so soon file AC21 3. Your American born son soon could sponsor you GC. Until then try to stay in usa on a valid status
  12. It took 12 yrs for the date to be current and get RFE on your case. You, me, our neighbors and our friends on roads are quick, fast and furious but uscis is driving a 'general compartment slow moving wagon' which will take a look at ur case only after allotted 87-90 days. I am sure your case will be pending for at least another 6 months. Congratulations, you and me are still alive and wish you good luck for ur gc.
  13. This looks like USCIS style of working. Wake up after 10 yrs...make the priority date current and send RFE for each and every applicant. Its like dusting your old storage house for bugs, insects, that you filter/reject at least 50/100 applicants. Next, send 2nd/3rd RFE to the remaining 50 applicants. Goal of uscis is to not give gc to any applicant from the back logged category. Finally there will be only 25 applicants who will get gc. So by keeping the I 485 application pending for more than 10yrs, uscis is actually clearing the back log automatically as its very very difficult to stay focused to the same job and location for such a long time.
  14. 1. Why not move back with your gc hubby? 2. Call your x and I am sure he might have got his gc. Try to convince him so that he helps you to get replacement card.
  15. Most of the applicants from India who's case is pending for the past 10 yrs would receive RFE to send updated I 693 form. I think its un-fair practice on behalf of uscis to send RFE. Applicant has to spend ~$300-400 out of pocket twice to get his medicals done. Also need to maintain good health condition for the whole life-cycle of 'I 485 pending status'. Experts please comment!