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  1. Hi All, My I-485 was denied because of 2 major missing documents (Birth certificate from home country and affidavit of support from spouse). Should i file a motion to reopen the case along with the missing documents or file the case all over again? I am getting mixed advice from lawyers that i have called. Just to mention that i received the notice of decision for I-485 on april 25th 2019. I do have I-797 notice which states that petition for GC has been approved. I am not sure if that is of any help or not or if it is valid anymore. I received my I-797 notice in January. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you & Regards
  2. AminaMasood

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    Hi All, i have a question about my visa status. I dropped out of college on April 26 as I got married and I wanted to apply for GC. Due to my husbands passport renewal process , it is obviously taking time to submit the application . My question is how long of a grace period to I have to apply for GC while not enrolled in any college ? My F1 status is valid till sept 2019. Thank you & Regards Amina
  3. Hi everyone, I have recently graduated as Associates in Computer Programming from Technical College in NC. I have done my Masters in Communication Sciences from my home country. Right now I am working as IT consultant on OPT. Can they apply for my green card when I am on OPT? What can be the limitations if they do or is there going to be any problem in attaining GC on OPT. Thank you