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  1. Hi I have booke an appointment for my husband in Chennai on June 19.i didn’t had the plan to come to India for stamping. Hence booked only for him. But due to some personal emergency I am traveling to India. Now I am trying to get a date for stamping where July is the earliest I am getting. Is it possible to combine my visa stamping appointment along with my husband. If yes, how to do it. I am the principal applicant and my husband is my dependent.
  2. Hi All, I recently got my new H1B (COS) petition approved. Previously I was in L1 and my dependents were in L2 in US. My company applied for H1 this 2017 cap and it got selected and approved recently. But we failed to apply the H4 immediately the petition was selected. Now I am applying for them. My question here is : If I got for visa stamping, can my dependents come along for the stamping with me even though the petition is still in review? When is the best time to apply for EAD? Along with H4 or once the H4 is approved?