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  1. I have attended H1 stamping recently in newdelhi. Visa officer said my Visa is approved .After few days i went to pickup passport and saw a yellow slip along with passport (no stamp)asking to submit passport back along with " dob proof issued by govt". I don't have a DOB certificate... I asked the officer at VFS if i can submit DL, Adhaar,PAN,Voter ID instead of DOB certificate they said "yes". so i submitted those at VFS office. Not sure if visa officer will consider DL,ADHAAR etc as DOB proof, Should i apply for birth certificate (which may take some time to get) and send the certificate thru email to the consulate(Assuming they don't take decision before i send the document) ? I'm kinda confused and worried now.
  2. Travelled to india due to family emergency .. earliest appointment for my H1 extension stamping in india is after 45 days as of now. Just wondering the options to get early appointment .. can i go near by countries like sri lanka or dubai as the wait time is around 3-4 days only?
  3. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    My visa experience .I took Salvador services. VO:who is your employer? VO:what does your company do? VO:How much you paid for H1? VO:From how long you are working for this company? VO:From how long you been staying in the USA? VO:Has your employer filed for 140? VO:Masters in which area? VO:What your client do? Thats it. No documents were asked.Got the passport back on the same day. But for I94 at the border it took like 3-4 hours. CBP office is like government office in india, there are 4-5 counters in the office to issue i 94 but all of them were empty ,saw the officers just sit and chit chat. At last one counter was open with very old officer who was super slow.Other than I-94, every thing went well. They charge 6 dollars and ask employment letter,797,DL to issue I94.
  4. dpmrm

    Matamoros Sep 26th and 27th

    can you share your email
  5. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    mostly same day
  6. dpmrm

    Stamping at non-Home country

    Looks like dates are avaiable now in india(hyderabad)... if not,may be you can take Mexican visa at the mexican consulate in india and then fly to mexico directly to attend inetrview..not sure if its a good idea
  7. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    check my profile for my email
  8. dpmrm

    Should I go for stamping or not?

    go for stamping..your stamping expiration date will be same as petition end date.After stamping, travel when ever you want.
  9. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    you can email me...find my email in my above quotes
  10. dpmrm

    H1 B Stamping in Mexico tijuana -Urgent

    Better to have client letter . sometimes they dont even ask client letter .You can go with what you have and check your luck.
  11. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    yes matamoros . My gmmail is dhdbob
  12. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    28th biometric and 29th interview..i will be starting from US on 27th
  13. dpmrm

    Matamoros Mexico stamping

    i booked on 28th
  14. Planning to go to Matamoros Mexico for stamping in sep 3rd week.Let me know if anyone is planning around same time.
  15. dpmrm

    H1 Extension and stamping

    i guess they will cancel the old visa stamp and give you the passport in case of admin processing