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  1. rationale_predic

    B2 Extension of stay -Question on address

    Hi , I applied for extension of stay(B2) for my parents . Along with I-539, bank statements I included W2 and paystubs as well. However my apartment number on W2 and paystubs are different from what I have in I-539 and affadavit of support. Address in affadavit of support and I-539 is correct. Due to different address in W2,paystubs and I-539 will there be any issue with my application?
  2. rationale_predic

    Vistiing Visa for family

    HI, I need some insight about visiting visa. I wanted to send my parents and my younger brother to visiting visa interview. 1. My father’s occupation is cultivation 2. Mother is housewife 3. Younger brother is 26 years old in Final year MBBS. I am planning to send them in group interview to visit me and during December. 1. What should be th reason ? can they say that it is for family gathering during december 2. We are planning to take an official letter form brother’s college granting 2 months of leave. 3. Can I sponsor for all three OR do I need to sponsor only to my parents and my Father should be sponsor to my brother?