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  1. capsambassador

    Birth certificate query for i485

    One of my friends had a similar issue. He submitted a notarized affidavit explaining it and it was accepted by USCIS. (I am not an immigration attorney and this should not be construed as legal advice)
  2. capsambassador

    Open Questions on I-485/Adjustment of Status

    In the case of Parents applying for Adjustment of Status, birth certificates are not available for those who were born before 1969. The Indian consulate is issuing a birth certificate based on the applicant's passport. Is it accepted by USCIS in lieu of a birth certificate from the competent authorities from the place of birth?
  3. capsambassador

    U.S Visa for a Minor

    A minor child, born in the U.S, lives with his parents in India (Father a U.S citizen and mother an Indian citizen). The child has an Indian Passport. If the family wants to visit India, can the child get a U.S tourist Visa?
  4. capsambassador


    Few Green Card holders (Parents) got stuck in India due to travel restrictions owing to COVID and had to be away from the U.S for more than six months. Thus, their Continuous Residence here is disrupted. They do not have any bank account here or any evidence to show that they were maintaining their residence here. Now, for Naturalization purposes, will this affect their eligibility period, and will there be any exception due to the extra-ordinary circumstances? Thanking you in advance for your reply.
  5. My parents are awaiting their interview in respect of their I-485. In case of any rejection due to the new Public Charge rule, what is the recourse and how long they can stay in U.S after the rejection, if it happens?
  6. capsambassador

    H4 Texas expectant mother Medicaid

    Pregnant Women are eligible for Medicaid in Texas if their household does not exceed 198 percent of Poverty line. i.e $32,590.00 per annum for a family of two. I do not think anyone on H4 will be having an income less than that.
  7. Continuity of Residence is the main criterion for retention of Green Card. If a Green Card holder stays for more than one year OUTSIDE U.S, he is deemed to have abandoned his/her residence here. That may result in cancellation of Green card. But stay outside for more than six months continuously will disrupt continuity of residence for calculation of the eligibility period fro naturalization.
  8. capsambassador

    Green Card for parent

    I am a U.S citizen and wish to sponsor my 76 year old father for Green Card. He is at present legally here on visitor visa and we wish to apply for AOS. But he is separated from my mother long ago and as such she is not immigrating. There is no legal document for the separation. Can I sponsor my father alone without any proof of separation from my mother? Will it be approved?