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  1. Go ahead and request from https://www.foia.gov, it's free
  2. loveIndia08

    EB1 A chances

    do you mind to contact me please share contact info. looks like we are in same boat.
  3. loveIndia08

    EB1 A chances

    Hello - Did you apply yet or still in progress to get all required documents?
  4. loveIndia08

    US Mumbai consulate

    Is there anyone going US Mumbai consulate for stamping on 09/26/16 ?
  5. loveIndia08

    Drop box-221g White slip Mumbai consulate

    Hey, I hope you got cleared out and went all well! Do you mind to share you experience here? I have my Interview 09/26 @ Mumbai.
  6. loveIndia08

    Emergency visa appointment needed/ other options

    Hey, Kindly Contact to US Consulate, use their contact info as listed on website.
  7. loveIndia08

    H1B Stamping in Mumbai India

    I took mine in June last week, so not sure if you can get.
  8. loveIndia08

    H1B Stamping in Mumbai India

    Is there anyone going for H1B Stamping in Mumbai India in Sep, 2016?