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  1. prapsy

    i94- Queries- Stamping

    Before the last one expired - Can you advice
  2. prapsy

    i94- Queries- Stamping

    Here is my predicament - I came into the country with Stamped Visa till 10 Sept 2016 Cause my passport was expiring My CBP officer stamped my i94 til Nov 20th 2015 I didnt cross the country as I was in midst of changing employers both the employer said it shouldnt be issue as my visa date validity is correct. My new i797 with the new employer was from Jan 2016 to 8/02/2018 I changed my employer after that and got my extension till Jan 2020 with i94 till then Would I face any problems because of this if I do go to Stamping ??
  3. prapsy

    I94- H1B Complication

    Yes, It was filed before Nov 2015
  4. What is the approval rating for Wage Level 1 for H1B Extensions??
  5. prapsy

    I94- H1B Complication

    When I entered the country back in June 2015 - My passport was expiring within 6 months so the BP officer gave me a I94 on my passport only till Nov/ 2015, My employer suggested that it wouldn't be a issues as they were applying for extension and from then on I have had two extensions. In my latest I 797 the I94 card is issued till 1/2018 the same date my visa is expiring... During my I140 application my employer suggested I go to BP at the airport and get it updated showing him/her the I797 but they refused to update saying I should have left the country and should have come back? I called my employer and he said it shouldnt be aproblem and went ahead and applied my i140 and is also applying my extension? But ever since the BP office said that it might be a problem.. I have been worried Could you suggest what should I do??
  6. I transferred to a consulting company A on a normal H1b Processing receipt notice for a little over 13 months and it had an RFE to which my employer replied but I haven't received a result yet, A better firm B with more direct clients wants to apply for my transfer. My i94 has been expired for a little over a year but I know that during transfer i94 can be expired till the day of the result which hasnt come in yet. Company B wishes to apply in premium and I am hoping the chances of my approval are better? Could I legally apply for a transfer when my first transfer isnt complete and if the second petition gets approved will that mean all these days without a visa will be accounted for? Please give me advice or your input thanks?
  7. My initial H1B petition with consulting firm A was from May 2014 - Sept 2016 Due to personal problems I couldn't come early and only came in Jun 2015. He wasn't running paychecks or offering pay so I applied for a Transfer and extension to Company B in August 2015 on normal processing. I got a RFE in April 2016 asking for Employer- Employee relationship as there were middle vendors between my employer B and end client X Maintenance of Status. In terms of Company A ​ My employer B replied the RFE as requested in time. We haven't received a result yet. Meanwhile my project ended a month ago and I got another project with the same end client but with only one layer between my employer B and end Client X i.e Company C. My employer B has now decided to apply for a new petition with the current project but the problem is the end client X doesn't give anyone client letter. What are my options? Should I request my employer B to wait for the earlier amendment result eventhough I am not on that project? Should I ask them to apply for new petition and apply for premium processing even though the end client X letter wouldnt be in the documents attached? Should I check with the middle layer Company C to see if they would employ me? What do you think are my current options? Please do Suggest it has been over a year and I am currently very frustrated with my situation My Visa petition with Company A ends in September 2016