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  1. Hi All, That would be great if anybody can provide me a good suggestion about what are my options once H1B Revocation happen. Below is my scenario: On H1B with same employer for more than 7 years (3 approved H1B). At the time of USCIS site verification, out for a meeting. NOIR received and responded with all evidences (Everything was by book). Still received Revocation. Reason for Revocation - violated terms and conditions of the petition by not able to prove specialty occupation. Apart from filling a motion/appeal, what my options are? how much time do I have to unwind my ties (sell house, car, etc...) with the USA and return back to home country? Am I eligible for 60 days grace period? Can I apply for another H1B? Would it be considered H1B transfer? Thank you in advance for you time and response.
  2. jsakhiya

    I-130 Approval

    Yes, I have filled all appropriate forms and got I-797C notice also when USCIS has received my file. When I see online my case status has been changed but didn't receive any notice yet. Do you know why?
  3. jsakhiya

    I-130 Approval

    My case status is changed now and online when I checked it says "Case was received at my local office". What does it mean? does it mean my case is moved to next stage and now I will receive an approval notice soon or USCIS has some query and they need some documents from me? Please suggest me if anyone has any idea. Thanks.
  4. jsakhiya

    I-130 Approval

    She is in India and I am in Virginia. Does Federal Senator office help to process the I-130 file?
  5. jsakhiya

    I-130 Approval

    I am a US Citizen and has applied I-130 for my spouse. USCIS has received my application on July 28th 2015 and still it's in pending status due to security clearance. When I inquired about the status, every time I receive the same answer from USCIS that the security clearance is not done hence they can't proceed further until security clearance is done. Currently my wife is in India. Does anyone has any idea what should I do? Should I apply any other visa for my wife so she can come to USA ASAP?