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  1. Final Update: Interview Date - October 6, 2016 (Thursday) at 7.45 am Interview Summary: Biotech background. VO requested my resume and publications, if any. Gave a copy of my resume. VO kept the I-797 copy, returned my passport and gave 221g for additional processing. First Update: Received email on October 25, 2016 (Tuesday) for passport submission. NOTE: Online CEAC status date was not update even after receiving email. Shipped passport the same day. Tracking showed passport was delivered on October 27, 2016 (Thursday). Since I didn't get any updates, I sent an email to vancouverap@state.gov on October 31, 2016 requesting for an update and timeline on when to expect my passport back. Got a response within 30 mins which said they are currently processing and I would get an email from Canada Post with Passport Pick-up instructions. Second Update: 'Status Update Date' changed to October 31, 2016 (Monday) after receiving the response from AP department. Status was still 'Administrative Processing' Third update: November 1, 2016 (Tuesday) - Status changed to issued. Received an email with tracking which showed delivery date as November 3, 2016 (Thursday). Received 'Package ready for pick-up' email from Canada Post at 11.30 am on November 3rd, 2016 (Thursday) Approx. Wait time to get an update: 13 Business days (excluding national holidays) Total Wait time (From the Day of Interview to passport pick-up) - 20 Business days (excluding any holidays).
  2. I didn't provide these details in my previous post. Here it is: 1. Interview date & Time: 6th October 7.45 am 2. Case created / Status update: 4th Oct / 6th Oct 3. # of working days so far: 6 days 4. Consulate kept any docs :Resume, 1-797 5. Consulate kept Passport : No 6. VO comment: Need more time to review my petition. Wait for an email. 7. Color of 221g : Yellow First H1B Stamping. F1 (expired) to H1B. Biotech/Microbio background
  3. Yes, myself and @RoSogolla_221g are still here. Count is currently 5.
  4. Hi All, Since there are a few people who received 221g here. I wanted to share my experience and get help from others in the similar situation as well. I had my first h1b stamping at Vancouver, BC today (October 6th at 7.45 am). Changing from F1 to H1. VO took my passport and I797. Asked if I studied in the US and the course. I answered. Then he was looking for a J-1 visa, I said I was on F-1 visa and moved to H1 in 2015. He asked for my OPT cards. I provided. Then asked my resume. I gave. He returned my passport and said that my case requires additional processing and gave me the 'yellow' admin processing slip. If you're in a similar situation or have been in the recent past, can you provide how long it might take for them to approve the visa? Also, I would appreciate suggestions on some cost-effective accommodation options too!
  5. Hi All, I am planning to get my h1b stamping done in Vancouver, Canada. I am unsure of what exact documents I should provide for travel plans for Canada visitor visa. Can someone please help? Since there are no dates currently available, I haven't booked any flights... can I just give a temporary itinerary or should all the flights/hotels be booked and paid? Thanks for your help!