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  1. Hello, I am on H1B visa (currently in US) and had got an H4 visa embassy interview appointment for my wife in October 2020. With new visa restrictions, it appears that H4 visa maybe impacted. Though embassies are closed in India (they may eventually open), interview dates are available for B2 visas. It will be great if you can share your understanding on bringing my wife on B2 visa instead. (In case if she can still get her H4 as I am already in USA, nothing like it). 1. How advisable is this approach? 2. What are the risks involved and any long term issues that can arise. 3. If a viable approach, what precautions to observe to increase success rate? Thank you and regards.
  2. Hi, I have a question regarding I-140. Following is my situation. I worked for company with TaxID A They filed my green card and I have my approved I-140 Company operating under TaxID B acquires company A. Even though B acquired the company, company A continued to operate under TaxID A. After acquisition, amendment needs to be filed for I-140, but as the TaxID didn’t change, amendment was not files in my case. (i.e my I-140 was still with company A) I switched my job and my new employer has not started my green card application yet. I have heard rumors that company B, now wants to sell company A it acquired. Highest bidder is an European company and after this acquisition, TaxID A will not exist anymore. In this situation what will be status of my I-140? Will the new company file amendment to my I-140? What all options do I have to save my priority date? Eagerly awaiting your response and thank you in advance. Regards.