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  1. Hello, I'm a US citizen and my girlfriend (university student) is filling out the DS-160 to apply for a B2 visa to visit me in the US for 2 weeks in October. She currently has just enough savings in her account to cover airfare (about $1000). She will be staying with me and I will cover any/all additional expenses during the visit. Since she has enough money to cover the air tickets, should she put "self" as the person paying for the trip? Or, since her savings is just barely enough to cover the tickets, and I will be covering all other expenses, should she name me as the person paying for the trip? Would I be "friend", "other", or US petitioner? Would it be beneficial or detrimental to have me appear as the person funding her trip? I also intend to provide a letter of invitation/sponsorship if that will help. We have heard that it is best to show a bank account statement with funds well in excess of the total cost of a visit. I plan to wire money to her account to bring the total up to about $5000. Would the incoming wire transfer record within 6-8 weeks of her interview be detrimental to her application? Or would it still be better to have this appear, but then a larger total savings in her account? Thanks! MG