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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions and views.
  2. Now my employer is saying that we have already lost 3 months after I joined here at clientB. And we are concerned about the question that "Why we have waited for 3 months"
  3. Hello All, I have been working as a contractor for Client A for past 5 years H1B extension is valid with Client A until 2022, 3 months back I have changed to Client B in and around same MSA (Within 50 mile radius) and due to that reason we have not amended petition. I am planning to go for stamping in next month with Client B as my client letter. I am good without amendment? or Do I need to do amendment even though I am in same MSA? Please let me know your thoughts, will be helpful !
  4. Hi , I am working as a consultant. I had my i94 expiring in March 2019, I got my H1B extension approved until 2021(for Location A and Client A). Which means does my I94 Extended until 2021? I will be moving to Location B and Client B this month. As it is not in same MSA have to file H1B Amendment, in case of any issue can I come to location A (same MSA) and work here until 2021 or does I94 matters? Please let me know.
  5. Anyone on the same date?
  6. kmd3853

    H1B Visa Stamping - Ottawa

    What's the Update guys @India567, varunKumar and redsoxfan215?
  7. kmd3853

    Submitted DS160 without Upload Photo Ottawa

    Can any one please reply to this question? Would be helpful Thanks
  8. Can any one please suggest or confirm? I have submitted DS160 without uploading photo in online application. After submitting , I got confirmation that I must carry 5x5 photo. Please suggest. Thanks
  9. I140 is in Processing and I have a stamping date in 2 weeks time Will there be any concern?, I have been following forums, some VO are asking "Your Company applied for GC? Can I see your I140?" Does that matter to them while approving Visa ?
  10. Any one going to Ottawa for Stamping on AUG 8th or 9th?
  11. Anyone for H1B Stamping in Ottawa, Canada on Aug 9th 2016?