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  1. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi Parker, Here are the answers to your questions: 1) No, there is still no update on the CEAC website, the last update is still the date of my interview. 2) They sent me an email with instructions on how to submit the passport, you have to send it via courier. They send you a "courier-in authorization certificate" which allows you to send the courier package for free. You have to take it to the post office at either 1424 Sanford Fleming Avenue, or 59 Sparks Street - whichever is more convenient for you. When the visa is stamped, they will send the passport back through courier to the location which you selected online when you filled your application. But the system does give you one day after you get the email to submit passport to change this return location if you want to. 3) I will let you know if the visa is valid till the end of petition when I get my passport back. Hope this was helpful!
  2. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Update: got an email from embassy to submit my passport today. So it took a total of 19 business days to resolve 221G, a total of 1 month including weekends and holidays. I will submit my passport now, and I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  3. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    No updates yet :( Today is the 17th business day for me... so I'm hoping to get some update at least by the end of the week, let's see
  4. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Shuchigupta - Did you submit your passport at the embassy or a different location? Any idea if they are still using Canada post to deliver the passport? I heard that because of a possible strike with Canada post, they are switching to a different courier company... Not sure if this might affect how long it takes to get the passport back.
  5. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Correction: it's been 15 business days :)
  6. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    No updates yet... It's been 15 days since my interview now, so I'm hoping I should be getting some update this week. Will keep you guys posted.
  7. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Shuchigupta - good to hear that, congrats! Let us know how many days it takes to get your passport back, should be just 2-3 days I think.
  8. dobby123

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    shuchigupta - what type of visa are you applying for? did they ask for additional docs to be sent via email? Please let me know when you do hear anything back from the consulate. I had my interview at the US consulate in Ottawa for an H4 visa on July 23rd. I was given 221G for administrative processing. I was asked to submit my resume, and description of my research in biotechnology by email - which I submitted on the same day as my interview. I have been living in the US for the past several years as a student, I completed my undergraduate and my masters degrees in the US. Here are the details: Interview date & Time: June 23, 2016 at 8:30am Case created: June 21, 2016 (before my interview date - don't know why) Case updated: June 23, 2016 (date of interview) # of working days so far: 9 working days Asked to submit docs by email: resume, and description of my biotech research Consulate kept passport: NO VO comment: need additional administrative processing, will take 2-3 weeks Color of 221G: blue Visa type: H4 Does anyone have any experience for how long 221G take to resolve in Ottawa?