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  1. Hello, I have questions on amendment as well.Can you please help me. When i was with client A in 2014 , my h1b extension was filed (Include Spouse) and got approval till OCT 2017. In SEP 2015 changed my client to B, i have filed my first H1B amendment and got approval till OCT 2016. I've visited india in JAN 2016, when i was filling my DS160 form my amendment was not approved so filled the form with old H1B extension I797 receipt number. When i went for Visa interview i have my Amendment approved and i went with both H1B extension and Amendment I797 receipts. And i got my visa stamp successfully on the base of my old H1B extension I797. I just kept my H1B amendment I797 with me just in case if they ask during interview but they didn't ask single question about amedment. Thats my experience I hope these part help others. Now my question start. In APRIL 2016 changed my client to C. My employer is asking me to file another amendment as my client got changed from B to C and my H1B amedment is good till SEP 2016. Questions : 1. Do i require new amendment even after my visa stamp good till OCT 2017 based on H1B extension I797? 2. If above question answer is Yes and If i file H1B amendment for Client C then what will happen to my H1b Extension I797 receipts and visa stamp which i got from Client A ? 3. Can i stay in this country after OCT 2016 if my new H1B amendment for Client C is not approved before OCT 2016 ? 4. Assume my H1B Amendment is approved for Client C and if i visit india between OCT -2016 - OCT 2017 , do i have to go for Visa stamping/interview ? 5. If above question answer is Yes, then how they relate Spouse visa application , because during H1B amendment we never file any forms for spouse so we don't get any new receipt for spouse. 6. What is the difference between H1B extension vs H1B amendment ? Thanks in advance. Thanks Kumar