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  1. Hi, I am concerned about my i94. My situation is like below. 1. Employer A - H1B visa valid till Dec 2017 but I-94 Valid only till Jan 2017 as per POE and updated in Website. 2. Now, I transferred visa to Employer B with new I797 valid till Nov 2019. Also it mentioned I-94 valid till Non 2019. But this is not updated in website. Concern is: A. Which of my I-94 is valid. on my passport I-94 valid till Jan 2017. B. as per new I797 its updated till Nov 2019. But this is not reflecting on Website. Please suggest what actions I need to do. Regards, Mohan
  2. 1. My põe through AbuDhabi. I entered on May 2016. and my H1 visa has validity till Dec 2017. However during POE stamping on passport he written with pen as 'validity till Jan 2017 only.' What should I do now? Do I need to go out and re enter again? or any other suggestions please
  3. Hi, I just recently landed in US on H1B. 1. My stamp visa and/or i797B expires on Dec 2017 2. But during my PoE at Abhudhabi, i797 issues only till Jan 2017. (Just 6 months duration validity) 3. I have not changed my employer. Its the same employer who sponsered my visa. My concerns are 1. Do I need to go back out of US and re enter through one of PoE to get I94 extension as per Visa validity? 2. Can i do the same without going out of US 3. Any other suggestions please.