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  1. kf09

    221g Blue Slip - H1B - Ottawa

    They will put you in Admin Processing if your research work or technology you are working in is in TAL list. They will also turn the passport if that is the case. There is one of my friend who had this issue. But resolvld in 6 working days in Vancouver in June 2016
  2. Got passport after 15 days(9 working days)
  3. Got passport after 15 days(9 working days) There were around 5 people other than myself stuck in 221g..another person got in 6 working days, another in 10 working days. couple of them having the same case as mine are waiting in Vancouver even after 11 working days.
  4. kf09

    Vancouver Visa Experience - Mar 1st

    Hi Congrats, where can we see the waybil number generated ? https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv/users/sign_in -here ?
  5. kf09

    221g at Vancouver Oct 2015

    Sonu1981, vtawale, How many weeks did it take for you guys to get your passports ?
  6. I sent an email to VancouverAP@state.gov and VancouverNIV@state.gov Reply1 : "Your case is undergoing review. Unfortunately we cannot give an accurate timeline on how long this will take. At this time we do not need any further documents from you. However, if you could please confirm the details of your current ‘end-client’ assignment it would be appreciated. Please list the company name, location and your job title." Reply2: "You do NOT need to make any changes on your DS-160, you were given the wrong form. Your case is simply under further review with the consular officer. Once the review is complete and a decision is made on your H1B visa application, you will receive further instructions."
  7. Check out my profile for my email
  8. sri0329, now the candidate count is 4. Add your email id to your profile, i will contact you. else send me message to gmail - khaula09 gmail
  9. I think it is very important to have the DS-160's selected consulate to match the one where you are scheduling the interview. That is you cannot use a Vancouver DS-160 to schedule a appointment in Ottawa. It might allow you to schedule the appointment with a warning but this will cause you problems with consular processing. My recommendation is retrieve your existing application and create a new application based on that for your appropriate consulate. It takes few minutes. If you already scheduled your appointment with a wrong DS-160 email them and get is fixed before your interview than waiting to see if it will cause problems. Good Luck. And let us know here what happened so others may benefit.
  10. pls email me at ************@gmail.com so far the count of candidates like us is 3.
  11. This is on behalf on my friend - 1. Interview date & Time: 27th June 8am 2. Case created / Status update: --- 3. # of working days so far: 3 days 4. Consulate kept any docs : i-797 5. Consulate kept Passport : Yes 6. VO comment: wait for email from us. 7. Color of 221g : YELLOW (not sure is this is 221g - https://s31.postimg.org/smv17k9kr/letter.jpg )
  12. According to one of the comments from vtawale - http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/94312-h1b-visa-stamping-in-vancouver-on-november-9-2015/ if you have valid i94, passport and i797 you can travel to US from canada or mexico during administrative processing.
  13. It is in administrative processing from right after the interview. Just the "status updated date" changed from 24th June to 28th June. The Consulate replied to my email saying application is under review and no need to send any documents. Did anyone get a 221g yellow form similar to this one ? https://s31.postimg.org/smv17k9kr/letter.jpg
  14. Do we need to ask them 1797 along with passport back to come to US during admin processing ?
  15. Hi guys, i saw one of the post in forum for 221g's in Vancouver in 2015. I thought of following the same for Vancouver consulate. I request everyone who have attended interview in Vancouver and got 221g and still awaiting the response, Please update the case in this posting with interview date, case status date (if any update), # days waiting so far (only working days) & if possible interivew experience in brief 1. Interview date & Time: 24th June 8am 2. Case created / Status update: --- 3. # of working days so far: 4 days 4. Consulate kept any docs : i-797 5. Consulate kept Passport : Yes 6. VO comment: wait for email from us and will take longer than what it took during your 1st stamping(2days) 7. Color of 221g : YELLOW 7. Any other info would like to share: I think this will be helpful to track all 221g's in one post.