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  1. Sandykumar913

    H1B Stamping Situation in Hyderabad

    I went to stamping at the end of July looks all fine. Just be confident and carry all your documents you will be good.
  2. You can generate DS-160 confirmation number in 5 minutes for consulate that you want to attend for scheduling the interview date. Once it is generated you can have month to submit that application .
  3. Sandykumar913

    H1 visa stamping with level 1 wage

    No issues , I went to India Hyderabad consulate for stamping in July and my visa got approved. all they verify is your salary should be greater or matches to LCA.
  4. Sandykumar913

    H1B Extension - RFE

    My employer applied for H1-B Extension on May 4th and I got RFE on May 10th. It’s related to Employee – Employer Relation Ship and SOW’s. I have given Latest Client and Vendor Letters to Employer. My current H1-B Expires on Sept 18th 2016 and Extension is applied from Sept 19th 2016 – 2019. If my extension got denial ,Can I still work for same employer because my current H1-B still had a valid date?
  5. Sandykumar913

    H1B Extension - RFE

    I have applied for H1-B extension on May 4th and got the RFE on May 10th. It's regarding the Employee and Employer relation ship and SOW. My employer is preparing RFE response. I have provided latest client and vendor letters. My current H1-B expires on Sept 18th 2016. We have applied extension from Sept 19 2016 to 2019. What happens if my extension got denied, Can i still work for the same employer for temporarily and move to FTE role before current H1-B expires?