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  1. My wife and I attended the consular interview in India to have our visa stamped and at the end of what was a simple interview were handed the blue slip for administrative processing. Subsequently just one of us received an email asking for further details which we have submitted. Is it likely that both of us will eventually receive such a mail - Within how many days after the interview are such mails sent asking for further details? Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much @pontevecchio for the clarification. I was expecting a notification in my mailbox about a reply to my query and do not remember seeing one till now. I just logged in to see why there was no reply for so long and saw your reply. Appreciate your help! It's good to know that one is entitled to further H1 extensions beyond the initial 6 if the original I-140 has been approved for 180+ days.
  3. I have an approved I-140 for my academic position from my former employer (university). However, i have subsequently changed employers and presently at a different university - although the department/field is still the same, the category of my employment is different Pay wise there is not much difference between the positions although the new position is in a different state. Given this background and what i have read here in the forums about members expressing concern about changing position/employer, i wanted to know this. Whether an H1B extension beyond the 6th year could be filed by my new employer just on the basis of the approved I140 from my former employer? Or would starting the green card process (starting from PERM) be necessary all over again (or making any amendments be necessary) to extend the H1B? I recall @pontevecchiosaying "If you have an approved I-140 with ANY employer, ANY employer can file a three year extension based on the approved I-140. If the I-140 has been approved more than 6 months back, you are entitled to any number of 3 year extensions with ANY employer till the PD of this I-140 is current." However, reading the posts of other members here (who had changed jobs or whose job nature changed (from business to technical etc.,) and whose attorney recommend amending the H1B/Green card application or restarting the process, i just wanted to confirm my understanding is right. Thank you.
  4. Dear team I wanted to get the expert's opinion on what is a better option to buy health insurance for my parents coming on tourist visa - option-1: purchase health insurance for international travel through one of the agencies in India? - option-2: or purchase it myself here in the US If option-2 is your recommendation, would you also be able to suggest names of any popular agencies i could go through to secure health insurance for my parents? Thank you!
  5. smani01

    Change of employer - PERM refile?

    BTW, just eager to know how did you come to know of these information? I feel lost in the ton of information and is amazing to see someone like you be able to guide others with specific information. You had also helped me in the past when i had queries - thanks a lot!
  6. smani01

    Change of employer - PERM refile?

    Thanks a lot @pontevecchio! So, technically i could delay requesting the start of green card process until such time i see the priority date coming close, right? my priority date from my prior employer is Feb 2016 (month PERM was filed)
  7. smani01

    Change of employer - PERM refile?

    Dear Murthy forum members I have an approved I140 through my former employer. Subsequently i changed jobs and i am nearing 6th year on my H1B. Just from the standpoint of being able to extend the H1B visa on the basis of an approved I140, does the PERM need to be filed by the new employer? I understand that eventually from a green card perspective the whole process has to start afresh - but the given question is purely with regard to validity of approved I140 for extension of H1B with a different employer. Thank you!
  8. I plan on changing my employer in about 2 months and the first 3-years on my H-1B visa expires in August. I learned from the attorneys at my new employer that there is not a way to file for my H-1B visa ('porting') before the April-3rd cut off (when the expedited processing is suspended). This has implications for our travel back home (if needed) and also for my spouse's H4-EAD validity. At this point, could i request my current employer to file for extension/renewal of my H-1B visa so that I could also get by spouse's H4-EAD renewed and then subsequently wait for the new employer to port my H1? Given that i have already tendered my resignation, could they still file for my H-1B extension? Thanks
  9. I work at an university (on a 9 month contract) where the 9 months' salary is spread over 26 pay periods. I am presently in the process of accepting an offer at a different university that begins after the end of the 9 month period at my current employer. Since I will continue to receive the pending salary from my current employer even after I have quit while also receiving the pay from my new employer, I am wondering whether that will cause any issues, being on H1B visa.
  10. I do not think so. I had applied on a premium route and it went fine.
  11. smani01

    I-140 revoke while H4 ead application pending

    Thank you @Immigrationhelp970
  12. smani01

    Employer Change after 1-140 approved for 180 Days.

    Sundareshwar: the discussion in this thread might help you:http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/100529-i-140-revocation-rule/ Please update the forum members on what you learn. Good Luck!
  13. <<I stopped working, only after I received my receipt. referring to your original post, you had yourself said "I came to US through H4 stamping till Dec 2016. I got my H1B lottery picked and worled from Oct 2015 to March 2016. Applied for COS to H4 in April." To anyone reading what you had said, it would appear you applied COS after you stopped working.
  14. smani01

    H1B to H4 COS

    Thank you! If there was an unexpired H4 visa already in the passport, going to consulate may not be needed, right?
  15. smani01

    New EB2 i140 and 180 days rule...

    Thank you Rahul! That's interesting to know!!