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  1. First came to USA in 2006 a Software consultant on H1B thru CompanyA, then joined USA Local CompanyB on 9/2011 & when i went to India got a RFE & employer didnt support, no approval, so Joined CompanyC India & worked as PM for 3 yrs & came to USA on 11/2016 thru CompanyC & still working as PM for the past 2.5 years, I am still eligible to apply for EB1C.
  2. With employer-A, during Dec 2013 H1B stamping I got a 221g, since my employer-A did not support me in responding to the query, I did not get the visa. After 2 weeks in India, I got my I-140 approved. I have 15 years of s/w exp, worked 7 years in USA. After rejection, I stayed in India self employed for 3 years doing business and developing a software product with my brother-in-law. Now i got I-797B approved with employer-B and updating my DS160. Question: The gap of 3 years should be mention as "Self Employment'' with description whatever i was doing( Partly-real estate and Partly-developing software product) (or) Just the mention "Self Employment WITHOUT any description (or) do not mention anything in the DS-160, just explain in the interview when asked. I appreciate your early response, thanks for your time.