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    H1B - Intent to Revoke

    Hi All, I had got H1b approval in 2017 valid till 2019, but at the time of stamping(Nov 2017) I got 221g, and later I went for h4 stamping as I didn't get any response from Embassy till May 2018, but in June 2018, I saw my status as "USCIS has received your application and it is under review", because consulate official sent his decision to USCIS as: Intent to revoke the application if needed after further review. Today(i.e JAN 9th , 2019) I got a job offer from another employer who is willing to file COS and initiate H1b Transfer at the same time I can see the status has been updated to :On January 4, 2019, we mailed you a notice explaining our intent to revoke our earlier approval of your case, Receipt Number EAC1614154714. The notice explains what we will do. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. At this time can my new employer file h1b transfer or do I need to go through lottery again, be it any fiscal. Any help is appreciated.
  2. techie830


    Hi, Currently, I am on H4, I received 221g in 2017 November when I went to India for my H1B stamping, the status(Administration delay) is still the same even today. A month after I changed my status to h4, I received a letter from consulate stating that, my case has sent back to USCIS for review , also that letter asks the employer to contact USCIS as next step , but my employer said that I already changed my visa status to H4, so it is not required to contact, What if my petitioner don't respond to that in one year , as per the timeline given in that letter by the consulate, will USCIS revoke / cancel my H1b ? What is the difference between revoke or cancel, do My H1b is valid till 2019 September. I am currently looking for new employer who can transfer my H1b as it is still valid, Am I eligible for transfer under this situation, I knew a friend who received 221g along with me, but later another employer transferred his visa and his visa was approved and stamping was done, but he didn't get any letter like me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. techie830

    New STEM Extension Form-I983

    How many companies are ready to offer sponsorship, I have attended many career booths when I was in school and also in bay area , I could see only these consultancies showing up there, even in Indeed, we will see these guys ,posting a job opportunity when we scroll down completely through the opportunity then we will get to know that it is a job offer by some consultancy. A total 150 days of unemployment is allowed during opt and OPT stem .I have used to 100 days initially in search of FTE nothing was positive in those 100 days, I got one opportunity where they are using some really really old technologies, some how I was disconnected with that opportunity. Nothing after that, I don't have any prior experience back in my country did bachelors and Master's back to back. And like someone said a close friend of mine who is a mechanical graduate is now working as a Full time UI developer. I have background in computer engineering( Hardware) and interested in product development so far didn't get one call from product based companies. I have learned new software technologies and joined in some consultancy and started working for a project which is closely related to my field , thanks to my curriculum! and now the project has ended.I am still looking for FTE and close to finish the balance of 150 days. I am left with 10 more days to apply for my STEM EXT, don't know how to proceed so decided to work on my own ideas.