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  1. H1BUser24

    H1B Extension Receipt

    My H1B transfer petition was filed on 4/17/20 in Texas Processing Service Center and received the Receipt Number on 4/24/20.
  2. Thanks newacct, that helps.
  3. Thanks newacct, Thanks for your response. When file I-765 for EAD, could I work for any employer immediately or I will have to wait for EAD approval which you said could take several months? Also how much time the complete approval would takes before I could get the green card? Thanks
  4. I had the same question, thanks you brought this up.
  5. Hello, I am trying to understand if reducing the wage (up to minimum wage) for H1B employee is permissible per DOL policies/guidelines? Given the COVAID-19 situation and economy slow down, if employer is thinking of laying off the H1B employee, negotiation could be done (if employer is ready) to hold the termination by reducing the wage for a month or so until employee secures a new job. But, I would like to know if DOL allows the employer to do that. If yes, does employer need to notify this to DOL and open a case to do that? Thanks
  6. Hello, I am working in the US for quite some time and have got I-140 approved through employer. I am not expecting my priority date to be current soon, not until next 3-4 years unless there is a drastic policy change to clear the backlog the pending cases. I have a few questions below. 1. Can my child (who would be completing 21) file for Family Based greencard for me? 2. Does child has to submit evidence to show financial support, although I am not dependent on him/her and earning by myself? 3. Am I eligible for family based greencard as I have already employment based case in progress and I am already living and working in the US? 4. If yes, can I-485 be filed together along with greencard application and be eligible to work for ANY employer? Thanks
  7. Thanks so much for the response. I want to interpret your statement "if the new H1B petition (with new employer) is ultimately denied months later (after you have left the original company and they have withdrawn the H1B petition), this would generally leave one "out of status" and potentially "unlawfully present". My question is, what if original or previous employer has not withdrawn the H1B petition yet, would that leave me a chance to stay in the US as long as my H1B (or I-94) is valid or I will just get a 60 days grace period to stay? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am working for a consulting company and have been out of the project for some time. Meanwhile, I was offered a full time job with a direct client who was ready to sponsor H1B transfer. They have submitted the LCA which might take 1-2 weeks, given current COVAID-19 situation and USCIS suspended the Premium Processing for cap-exempt, would it be a good idea to join the new company on Receipt Number as current company may not find a project soon. How risky would it be joining full time job with a direct client on Receipt Number?