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  1. gupta83

    H4/H4 EAD extension

    Hi, I have applied for my spouse H4 renewal and H4 EAD extension. Our visa expires on June 1. With current processing times it does not look like we will get a reply from USCIS within June 1. Can my spouse continue to work with application for H4 EAD pending. Thanks in advance. Gupta
  2. gupta83

    H4 approved today 2/7 and H4 EAD not yet approved

    When did you apply?
  3. gupta83

    H4/H4 EAD extension

    My H1 is expiring on Jun 2020 and I have my I140 approved. My company is filing extension in this week. Is it necessary to have H4 extension filed to get H4 EAD extension done? Is it mandatory to get H4 extension applied or H1 extension will automatically get their extension? Do we need to wait for H4 extension to be approved for H4 EAD Processing? If I make H1 extension through premium process will H4 extension also be done in the premium timeframe or will it take more time? My wife has found a job and company wants to get an clarity if she can get the extension done before the current EAD expiry date with +15days from the expiry time.
  4. Hi, I have H1b valid till June 2020 with current employer. I have got a job with another Top 50 company. 1) Can I join new company with only receipt? Is premium processing open for this category 2) If the COE is rejected can I still have the first H1b approval valid provided I do not communicate to current employer. 3) will the uscis automatically withdraws my valid H1b if COE gets rejected.
  5. Hi All, I have come on B1 for a training and initial project infrastructure setup for the offshore team. For the same company my H1 is picked, can I continue to stay in US with B1 or should I leave as soon as possible so that H1 process is not affected. - Rajesh