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  1. catchkarthik007

    changing project while H1B Amendment in process

    You need to file a new amendment, it's your employers responsibility/wish to withdraw the previous amendment.
  2. catchkarthik007

    H1 Intent to Revoke .... Urgent !!!

    Very complicated situation, hire a lawyer immediately, better go to the lawyer who filed your h1b.
  3. catchkarthik007

    Previous employer revoked my petition, can i work?

    Thank you. For the 240 day rule, which I94 should I consider, 1. the one which was attached to i797A of the revoked petition. or 2. previously i797A or 3. the one which I got when I entered the country?
  4. HI, I was Working with company A, got my petition approved and valid for 3 more years. I joined company B, who filed a new petition on OCT 20th 2015 and got a my receipt (i797C). and is under still processing. I started working for them on nov 2nd. company A revoked my previously approved petition on Nov 20th 2015. now. 1. Am I allowed to work, can I continue working? 2. it is basically a delay from USCIS, so does the 240 day rule apply here? 3. at this point is it work changing to a premium processing? any insight please!!! Karthy