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  1. Hello... applicant in India...this is her first h1b...application approved in sep 2016 for three year duration ..received i797b copy (picked in 2016 lottery...after couple of rfe's). Applicant did not travel to USA yet (still in India)... on February 1st 2017 uscis online case status changed to RFE. Employer also confirmed its an RFE... not sure what the rfe is about. Question is... can I transfer to new employer? ( not sure if current employer willing to support) Or need to file new application with new employer?
  2. Until you submitted you can change the consulate locations. If you have already submitted your DS 160 online then you need to have new DS 160
  3. Since my appointment completed I am not able to check availability anymore.sorry.
  4. Yes you can, prepare to stay at least 5 working days to get your passport if it's successfully approved. If you get any pink slips it might take more time.
  5. Today may 18th status update with tracking num. With below information , still now received two emails one from consulate one from Canada post. Waiting for one more email from Canada post to pickup. Electronic information submitted by shipper. Additional info# The shipper has created a shipping label for this item and has sent us electronic information. However, if no additional updates are showing in Track, it means we have not yet received the item. We will start tracking the item once it is provided to us.
  6. Thanks to "ship.h1b" for posting detail information. As she suggested I reached consulate around 7 AM, security officer started sending people inside @ 7:20 AM. Note# i am writing this because I didn’t find much information for Toronto location in Murthy forums (except from Ship.h1b). From point 3 to point 6 I mentioned below all these steps takes place in one single room with 10 windows. 1 and 2 windows for issuing Blue folder 9 and 10 for finger printing rest all are for VISA interview. before me 2-3 ppl got PINK Slip (i think those are non- H1B Visa holder for sure). 1. Outside...... 1st window - Handed over DS 160 confirmation and passport (latest passport only, since i have two passport one expired and one new, office requested only latest). he returned both doc back. 2. @ Before entering inside, security guys asked couple of question (do you have anything in your pockets like batteries, water , food items, even car keys with chips or batteries not allowed ....) 3. @ security check, handed odocuments and emptied pockets placed in tray , (belt/ Watch / shoes not required to remove). NO backpacks. 4. @ 1 st window, handed over latest Passport, DS 160 confirmation page, Photo and I797 original, she placed all these documents in BLUE folder and asked me to go to counter 10. 5. @ counter 10, handed over the BLUE folder and 10 finger prints completed. she scanned photo and returned BLUE folder back saying, photo you can place in your pocket now, not required anymore. 6. Joined a new line for VISA Interview, handed over BLUE folder, now she asked for old passport to. Question 1 # what’s your current status in U.S --> H1B Question 2 # How long are you in U.S --> 9 + Question 3 # did you completed Master in U.s, whats the majore ? Yes, Master in XXXXXXX Question 4 # who is your employer ? Question 5 # how long are you working with your employer Question 6 # what’s your designation Question 7 # explain what you do -- explained in 4 - 5 sentence about the SAP ERP. She said "today is Monday you will receive your passport Thursday or Friday". have a great Day. Around 8 AM I reached my Car which I parked in Public parking right opposite lane to consulate for 10$. Current status on Tuesday around 1 PM changed to "ISSUED", until this time it was under "Administrative Process" .
  7. thank you. Do you think its taking 3+ days to get passport in hand. Monday I have an appointment early morning, return flight on Wednesday night.
  8. HI Ship.h1b, Thanks for the details, i have scheduled my appointment on May 16th Monday. Quick question from your information, your husband passport was issued next day of appointment? why did you collect on Monday morning was it not ready for pick up on Friday early morning along with our passport?
  9. Sure. Please do share i will be more than happy to help you. We have a option to still see the dates after booking the appointment (reschedule appointment).
  10. Hello, Not yet. Regarding the appointment, i got the date what i was looking for somehow it was available. I tried to check couple of times after i booked my appointment and was shocked to see next availability was in 2017 ( April 1 week was when i last checked).
  11. HI Rajipillai, On March 22nd i confirmed the appointment.
  12. Hello, Looking for Shared accommodation in Toronto, Ontario from May 15, scheduled appointment on May 16th. Please reach out to me if your interested to share and planning to share the accommodation. Regards, Eshwar
  13. Hello, I have my appointment on May 16th @ Toronto,Ontario @ 09:45 EDT looking for shared accommodation or list of hotel in walk-able distance. Planning to fly on May 15th from CLT or ATL, Ticket not yet booked. Regards, Eshwar.