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  1. srisricsekhar

    Dropbox Hyderabad india

    Have you guys recieved an update ?
  2. Hello , I have filed my I-140 a month back in normal process(i.e. not premium) and got a denial notice from USCIS. Here are my details 1 . 3 years of BSc Computer Science(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) 2. 3 Years of MCA (Master of Computer Applications) 3. 10 Years of IT Experience. The reason for denial being my education back ground (i.e MCA) , USCIS claims that MCA is not a professional degree in Computer Science. My Perm was filed for EB2 based on the above points. Now i am on my 5th year of H1 and seeing a possible risk with this situation. Any suggestion/recommendations would be of great help. Thanks in Advance !!
  3. Can someone post the documents required for Stamping. i will be visiting India for Stamping and need the list of documents to be carried. I have checked with my employer , but i haven't got any response. Any help is appreciated.
  4. srisricsekhar

    Visa Stamp Dropbox Experience at Hyderabad, India

    I am actually trying to book an appointment for Hyderabad Consulate and i am Eligible for DropBox. I have paid the appointment fee and waiting for NEFT transaction to be completed. Here is my question. Is dropbox option tied with the appointment dates avilablity, i am asking this as the dates are moving very fast. yesterday i saw was aug 16th and with in 8 hrs , it moved to Aug 22, 2016. Any help is appreciated. Thanks !!
  5. I have changed my project recently and amendment is in progress. I don't have stamping with my current employer yet. Can i go ahead for visa stamping in the above mentioned case ?
  6. I have applied for H4 Extension in Feb 2016 and the case status is still "Received" , as the Vermont center is serving the applications received in Oct 2015. I have my stamping until Aug 25th 2016 and have a plan to visit India in mid Aug for a DropBox most probably. Is there any risk if i go for stamping (either in person or Dropbox) , when i have a file under processing with USCIS. Please help me . Thank you !!
  7. Can i go ahead with my plan , assuming that there will be no risk !! Only worry for me is , while an application is in process - can i go for H4 Stamping along with my Husband ?