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  1. Thank you Shekar11 for your input.
  2. Hello All, Asking this on behalf of a friend who is going through marital issues. She is on H4 EAD which is set to expire in a month or so along with her husband's H1b. She does not know if he is willing to file the H4 extension. Can she file for the H4 extension on her own in case her husband does not share any details of his H1 extension petition. Is it possible ? Any help on above is appreciated. Thanks, P.
  3. Hello Provence, This case is indeed for my friend. It has some other marital factors too where she soon needs to decide whether to be on dependent visa OR on H1b visa and that is why the urgency. In the flow of posting the question, I did frame the question in my perspective by mistake, but it is for "her". I am good for the time being with respect to my visa status and all. Thanks, P.
  4. Hello All, I am really looking for some help regarding the below query. My friend has used H1b from 2009 to 2012 for 2.5 years. Did not file the extension after that. She changed her status in 2012 to H4 till now. Since last 2 years she is working on H4 EAD. Can she again go back on H1b to claim the remaining 3 and half years ? Will it be cap exempt ? Any help on above is really appreciated Thank you. P.
  5. Hello All, This is on behalf of my friend. She is in USA since 2008 on H4, H1b and H4 again. She worked on H1B from Oct 2009 to March 2012, She had her H1b extension approved until 2015. After March 2012 she did not use her already approved H1b. There are still 3+ years remaining on that H1b. That H1b got expired in 2015. Currently she is on H4 EAD, can she move again to the H1b by reclaiming her remaining 3+ year through a new employer ? Will it be cap exempt petition ? I read somewhere that, if the unused H1b has expired for more than six years before, we cannot reclaim it via cap exempt H1b petition. Is it true ??? Any help on above is appreciated. Than you. P.
  6. pankaj24


    Hello Sreedhar, If you are still working for the same employer(the one who filed your extension petition) the offer letter, paystubs etc. will be the primary documents for your. Client letter would serve as supporting document. As long as you have maintained the employee - employer relationship between you and your employer till the date, I believe there wont be any issue. Also in order to remain in that 12 month visa expiration Dropbox eligibility, you need to submit your documents before 30th Sept 2018 and that would work without any issues. While scheduling the appointment, if you answer all the Dropbox eligibility questions and if the website gives you the Dropbox option then you are good. All of the above is just my opinion, not a legal advice. P.
  7. thank you for your reply. Status changed today again to approved and emailed notice. Seems employer's lawyer contacted USCIS for this.
  8. Hello All, My H1B extension was pending with Nebraska. Filed for premium. After 4 days status changed to premium processing. Next day status changed to petition approved and will mail notice shortly. Next day, weird thing happened, status changed again saying that extension petition received and mailed you a receipt notice. Doesn't make any sense, since my petition was already received, approved then why would status change to case received again? Hopefully it is a glitch. Thank you.
  9. pankaj24

    H1B Extension within two months

    Your employer can file for extension now itself. Your extension application need to reach uscis before your current visa expires, i.e. dec 2017. If your employer can file for extension right away in a week or two, you will have good amount of time to get the receipt notice from USCIS.
  10. pankaj24

    H1 Extension_Lock Situation

    Hello All, I work at direct client. My company filed H1 extension for me for the same client as of current H1b. Case received by Nebraska center on Aug 16th. Now the twist is here, Lawyer submitted short term contract(until Dec 2017) while submitting application.So now the extension application is pending with contract expiring Dec 2017 and its most likely that I will receive the decision on this case in Dec(not sure when) with having extension approved only until Dec 2017. Now we have a new contract(until July 2018) in hand. But if I get decision in Dec. or late Dec, it will leave us with little or no time to file extension again with the new contract. Not sure what to do now ? Premium processing seems an option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. @Rohang, thank you for your quick response. Got it. Will copy of my I-797 work ? Original I-797 is with me. I have sent her copy of my original I-797 to carry for the interview. Thanks in advance. Pankaj.
  12. Hello All, I am in USA on H1B VISA, got stamped for first time recently in March 2017. After that I got married. Now I want to get my wife here in USA and applied for her H4 visa and she will be attending her H4 Visa interview on 9th June at Hyderabad. She has never been to USA before. After reading some forums I got curious to know about requirement of I-797 of her own. My question is as below. Does she need to carry her own I-797 notice approved on her name ? Well, I don't have that one. or she needs to carry the copy of my I-797 approval notice ? my original I-797 is with me. OR she needs to carry my original notice ? Since my wife has interview in next 3 days, any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Pankaj.
  13. pankaj24

    Will be Stamping at HYD_Please Help

    Thanks Shekar11. Really appreciate your reply. I have taken client letter from my client side manager, which describes my duties(same as petition), my employer name and my tenure with them. I am just curious about the docs regarding Contract between client and employer, employers tax docs, employers organizational structure doc etc. Attorney has sent me full petition but for the confidentiality purpose, they have excluded employer-client docs, employer tax docs etc.
  14. Hello All, Quick summary - Was on F1, H1b Approved last year, valid until Sept 2017, Will attend first time H1b stamping at Hyd. on last week of March. Nature of employment - Employer(American consultancy) and Direct client(Reputed one). There is no any layer in between. Its direct client of my employer. Working for them for last 14 months. I am aware of what all general docs I need to carry for interview. My question is, What all documents related to my employer-employee relationship, employer-client relationship, and me-client relationship do i need to carry ? My employer attorney did not mention anything(in this regard) other than, Copy of employment contract with Employer, signed by both parties ? Don't I need client letter, Contract between client and employer, employers tax docs, employers organizational structure doc etc. ? Any help on above one would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pankaj.
  15. Hello, Thank you for posting your experience.Its really helpful. Appreciate it. I have some of questions regarding stamping(1st time stamping, got H1B approved this year, was on Student VISA), it would be helpful if you could shed some light. 1. I am also consultant and work for a reputed client. While going for stamping, do I need to carry client letter ? I believe most probably 'yes'. 2. How many paystubs do I need to carry for stamping ? do they need to be from after OCT? I have all of them since the start of my employment. 3. Have you followed any list of documents to take with you for stamping ? If yes, can you please provide me the source of such list ? 4. I am from Maharashtra, Can I do stamping at any consulate in India? Any help on above would be appreciated. Thanks, Pankaj.