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  1. Hi, I am wondering if any kind souls here could advise me on what research related requirements are placed on a company that wants to sponsor employees for EB1B under "outstanding researcher/professor" category. Here are some features of my company: 1. Small sized research and development company with 100 odd engineers, out of which 30 have PhDs. 2. Actively involved in SBIR and STTR research. Active collaboration with US universities to carry leverage fundamental research for product development and commercialization. 3. Around 15 academic papers, 4 patents held by the company. 4. Many (around 20) actively conduct "research" for their projects, which involves reading papers, carry out first-principle based research. I am wondering if someone has experience filing for EB1B whilst working in a private company, and what documentation is required to prove to USCIS that the company can be classified as a research firm. My own credentials are as follows. 1. Indian national, PhD + 2 yrs postdoc. 2. Currently on a O-1A visa (H1B rejected in lottery, unfortunately) 3. 8 journals, 8 conferences, 85+ citations, 40 independent. Reviewer of 8 journals and many conferences. 4. Actively working on STTR project with a US university that is carrying out fundamental research. Any help regarding the applicability of the company in applying for me under EB1B would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give an opinion on my credentials to qualify for an O-1 visa. I am employed in a industrial research position and though I've applied for H1B, my lawyer believes I didn't qualify for the 2017 lottery this year. My OPT ends this July and I need to get the O-1 for staying and working here. 1. PhD in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in biomechanics and robotics from top 20 school. 2 years additional postdoc from a top 20 school as well. 2. 7 peer reviewed journal papers. 1 journal in review. 7 conference papers published. 3. 1 book chapter in review. 3. 49 citations (~ 20 independent citations). 4. Reviewer of 4 journal papers, numerous conference papers. 5. Solid reference letters from 9 faculty members from Europe, Asia and USA. 4 completely anonymous. Any help would be really appreciated.