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  1. sam3215

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Your arrest still remains so when you go for visa interview you will have to mention this and provide court outcome disposition docs
  2. Hii Ritu , was there any delay to get your visa stamped? What did the poe officer ask u at secondary inspection? What documents did u carry while traveling?
  3. sam3215

    Simple misdemanor dui 10 year back.

    are u convicted for dui? did u plead guilty?
  4. sam3215

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    did you get your DUI case dismissed or are you convicted?
  5. sam3215


    consult an immigration attorney. dismissed charges/ expunged charges with no convictions are still visible to immigration. you will have to mention this in DS160 form everytime for visa interviews../extensions/gc etc..
  6. sam3215

    Simple misdemanor dui 10 year back.

    are u a visa/gc holder? it could impact.. also it is uncertain.. never know what would the visa officer or the port of entry cbp officer would do at this point.. better consult immigration attorney if u plan to travel.
  7. sam3215

    Arrest for Prostituion

    https://www.***************.com/****************** it could be not sure even dismissed cases can get deported?
  8. sam3215

    H1B with a misdemeanor

    Ok did you expunge your arrest and case details after the case was downgraded? During port of entry you were not sent to secondary inspection?
  9. sam3215

    Arrest for Prostituion

    sSince your records were erased or expunged from the database, your fingerprints will not get a hit at port of entry/visa. In my case it is different, My case is dismissed but I cannot expunge the records in CA. So it is going to get a hit.
  10. sam3215

    Arrest for Prostituion

    Hows your case proceeding?
  11. sam3215

    f1 approval chances with arrest record

    you need to go to india for visa stamp..
  12. sam3215

    DUI I797

    you have 2 offenses.. you can travel after your cases are closed.. you have to disclose your arrest info in the ds-160 forms even for gc forms.
  13. was she arrested? if yes, she has to mention in the GC application I485 there is a section asking about charged/arrested even if not convicted you have to mention it.. provide the court docs as proof you are not prosecuted..
  14. Case dismissal does not matter. the time you are arrested you are having a criminal record. Your fingerprints are registered in teh government database. it will be there forever.. pleading not guilty/no contest/ plead deals is for yo to escape the prosecution.. you will need to disclose the arrests for every application for visa/gc/citizenship applications.. the VO will decide and has discretionary powers to accept or reject you.
  15. Hi all, since we know there are some major changes going to come to h1b visas.. will it impact h1b visa holders already in US? i read this in today's article: http://www.****************.com/article
  16. Ok if you have 3 arrest records you canbe denied visa. New administration is planning to have criminal aliens removed
  17. sam3215

    Criminal Trespass - please help

    Pleading guilty means convicted. There may be new immigration laws to remove criminal convicted or arrested aliens from US soon under the new administration . Have to wait and see
  18. sam3215

    f1 approval chances with arrest record

    If you are arrested in canada the fingerprint and areest is shared with US immigration also if pleaded guilty you are convicted. So you have to go to insia and get USvisa stamped and get court papers and a immigration lawyer letter stating you are eligible for visa
  19. Hii where you fingerprinted in a police station? Was your case dismissed? Where you convicted? Ifyou are not fingerprinted or convicted your case will not show up for immigration
  20. sam3215

    Arrest for Prostituion

    Hii where you fingerprinted in a police station? Was your case dismissed? Where you convicted? Ifyou are not fingerprinted or convicted your case will not show up for immigration
  21. sam3215

    Arrest for Prostituion

    Hi get your case dismissed. Probation is a conviction for immigration. If you have a conviction for soliciting prostitution and it does not fall under petty offense for cimt then it could be a problem for the citizen ship application. Did you consult immigration attorney? What did thy say? you can get in touch with my email its in my profile
  22. Hi Sam, Lets be in touch. Did you get your arrest details expunged after your case was dismissed? which state it happend?
  23. Cool . So your arrest details did not come up for the green card interview or global entry interview? How about port of entey? let us bd in youch through email mine is century @ tutanota dot com i sent u a private message here
  24. You will be ok. Where you fingerprinted during your charges or arrest?
  25. I am worried if there is a single Arrest and case dismissed not guilty will a person be denied visa or denied entry at poe in US?