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  1. You may need an attorney and a memo letter. Also, they may ask the arrest report and court disposition document.
  2. sam3215

    mexico border crosing with DUI

    you would have problems while coming back at POE.
  3. Q1 ) NO not during extension but when you go stamping yes in DS160.
  4. Carry Court letter or DA letter with an Immigration attorney memo letter stating you are not inadmissible even if no charges are filed.
  5. sam3215

    Patronizing a prostitute - OPT extension

    which state/city this happened? PM me private message me and i can give you my email too.
  6. did u get ur visa stamped?
  7. sam3215

    DUI, H1B Stamping & POE

    wow 60 days for getting visa stamped? did your employer allow you to work from india?
  8. sam3215

    F1 to H4

    Hi I have PM you a message did u get it?
  9. sam3215

    Visa stamping and POE exp after DUI

  10. sam3215

    F1 to H4

    Hi I sent you a private message.. lets connect there
  11. sam3215

    Administrative processing with Arrest record

    Hi Simona , You can keep in touch with my email.. I PVT messaged u..
  12. sam3215

    Charge Of Solicit for Prostituion: Misdemeanor

    you should find one immi lawyer in florida itself and also the defense attorney from same state/county..
  13. sam3215

    Charge Of Solicit for Prostituion: Misdemeanor

    which state/city this happened? yes you should hire criminal/immigration attorney. Not sure if it will affect, but get the case dismissed. not sure as there isa petty offense exception. you can expunge if case is dismissed.
  14. which state and city this happened? no issues for stamping, only a slight delay. are u going for stamping?
  15. sam3215

    Arested for Family Violence and Case dismissed

    Pre trial intervention by judge in court is a conviction because you agree to the charges . Pre trial diversion is given by prosecutors before trial and does not require any admission of guilt in front of judge . So it does not qualify as conviction for immigration
  16. if you are fingerprinted, yours FP will be registered to fbi and uscis. Get case dismissed. you will have to mention this in ds160 everytime u go for visa interview or GC filing.. u will be asked about this. also ur record will be shown when doing background checks..
  17. sam3215

    stamping H4 Visa with dismissed case

    carry: court disposition documents, Immigration lawyer letter, i don't think u need clearance certificate.
  18. Hi carry all documents you should be ok.. can you contact me in private??
  19. sam3215

    (DUI) F1 renewal help- ARD completed

    Ok.. so if you lie in the DS160 form that you were not arrested and when the officer asks were you and you say , yes. That is like giving false information for getting the visa. This adds up to the problem of lying. Be careful about this in the future. Also, why do they need Arrest records? Certified court records are sufficient , if you did not have the certified ones they may ask for the arrest records, but arrest reports are generally not needed.
  20. sam3215

    Arrest for solicitation

    solicitation is a Cimt, not sure about 2nd one. can u contact me in private? where did this happen?
  21. at port of entry/ visa stamping this incident would pop up and asked, you have to tell truth to them.. Have court disposition adn immigration memo letter from your Immi lawyer..
  22. sam3215

    Arrest for solicitation

    which state this happened? If you have one conviction it will show up on records.. also if you are not fingerprinted now, you will be once the trial starts or once sentencing happens.. this is a CIMT and one CIMT has petty offense exception. you need a defense lawyer to fight your case to get it dismissed.
  23. If case is dismissed no need to worry.. if you go visa interview/stamping, you will have to carry the certified court disposition and an immigration lawyer memo letter.
  24. sam3215

    Successful visa stamp after case dismissal

    it was in SF. lot of ppl were in queue. had to wait for my turn.