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  1. sam3215

    Shoplifting of $70 on H1b.

    Don’t worry u are ok you can contact me in private
  2. Hi,

    My case is also. I need your help with Immo memo letter.

  3. yes i got stampled in 2-3 weeks i got my visa. I am back to US, was sent to secondary inspection
  4. sam3215

    Has anyone gotten visa with shoplifting charges?

    Please PM me. Did you mention the arrest in DS160? did you provide court disposition docs?
  5. Hi Sam3215,

    I am in same situation and planning to visit India and have to attend Visa interview. Can you share a good Immigration lawyer who can help me with providing me an Memo which can be used for my Visa interview.


    Thanks for your help in advance


  6. There was no 221g slip issued after the visa interview? is that common? The case was dismissed and I have no conviction. Only the arrest record is there which can't be expunged in CA.
  7. How long did it take for you to get the visa issued after the interview? wa your case in administrative processing for few weeks before the visa was issued?
  8. Still my visa application status is in Administrative processing. Its been One week + One day after the visa interview. April 2- Biometric April 3- Visa Interview. (Visa was approved verbally by VO). April 11th- Today ( Still in AP). No date change. Case created April 3rd. Any thoughts if the AP will be going on for few more weeks? Please help me -- Worried if there will be more delays.
  9. Thanks xTDx. I hope the AP does not extend beyond 1-2 weeks. Can they still deny or refuse visa after verbal approval also?
  10. I hope this would help others in the same situation. My visa got approved today by the VO after the interview. I had a dismissed case related to solicit pros. CA in 2015. interview experience listed below: VO: How are you doing today? Give me your passport. Me: Good afternoon doing good. How are you? gave passport. VO: Who is your petitioner? Me: told. VO: Give me your I-797 approval. Me: gave. VO: What is your role? Me: told. VO: what is your salary? Me: told. VO: Which state/city are you working? Me: told. VO: Do you have kids and Are you married? Me: told. VO: Where you arrested? what happened? Me: told about the arrest and said the case was dismissed by DA. VO: Do you have the court documents? Me: Yes, I provided the court docs along with the Immigration attorney Memo letter. VO: Took print outs and was speaking to the Manager. Took 10-15 mins and come back asked for Any other documents i have ? Me: Gave Diversion certificate, DA office letter, Arrest citation. VO: Took copies of all documents. Typed some info in the system. (overall took 10-15 minutes wait). VO; came back and said visa is approved and gave me a green slip saying the visa is approved and I asked how many days to receive the passport, the VO said 4-5 business days. I went and had a look at the CEAC website entered my case ID and interview location. but it says Administrative processing. VO said Visa approved but the CEAC DOS website says Administrative processing. Not sure why its in AP even if visa was approved by the CO/VO during the interview. anybody has any thoughts?
  11. sam3215

    DUI case rejected by DA office

    get arrest report and DA letter for visa interview
  12. sam3215

    H4 Extension Impact - Shoplifing charge

    you have to submit arrest record or report and Court documents disposition document from court while travelling outside and for H4 extension.
  13. If not conviction you are safe but expect delays for visa/ green card processing,