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  1. raccoonready

    E-3 visa information

    I am on E3 visa in USA. I have few questions regarding maintaining E3 visa status 1. I need to visit my home country due to a medical emergency. It could be a long trip around 2 months. My employer is happy to give me 2 months unpaid leave. Will that effect my e3 visa status?(Cancelled/Ceased/Terminated) 2. What is the maximum time frame allowed to stay out of USA on unpaid leave(E3 Visa Holders)?
  2. raccoonready

    E-3 visa information

    yes it is very possible. you can be on the waiver program and get transferred to the E3. How else would you be able to find an employer here in the states if you weren't already here looking for work. Do it.
  3. raccoonready

    E3 Visa restrictions

    @jfmamjjasond Did you ever find out this answer. I am in the same situation and can't find an answer. I also need to use an immigration lawyer for ongoing concerns so the first lawyer to answer my question would get my business :)