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  1. Hi, I have a question. I got my green card through self-petitioned EB-2 NIW way based on my qualifications and experience in scientific research at the time. After getting GC I continued to work in scientific research for about 2.5 years and then I quit it because funding situation got really bad and job prospects were scarce. I ventured into completely different field, which has nothing to do with what I used to do (retail and I also started my own business unrelated to my previous profession). Now, it is time for me to apply for naturalization and I am thinking if it is going to be a problem that I changed my career so drastically. I have read some guidelines and many of them suggest that one should continue the career in the same area for which that person got NIW GC. Here are my questions: 1. Is it really true? I can hardly believe that I should be locked in some career choice for life. What do you think? 2. Can they take my GC away if I apply for naturalization and they did not like the fact I no longer work in the same area? Are there known precedents like that? 3. Should I then get a lawyer involved? Should I try doing it without lawyer first to save money and only involve one if it becomes a problem? Or should I better bring a lawyer with me to the interview in case they try to take my GC away immediately during the interview? Can they do it? If it helps, all the other requirements are met - physical residency, filing taxes regularly, owning a property, etc. I am just interested what are my options in this situation?