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  1. Hi Selva - Any updates . ? I am in a similar situation little different from your case. H1B approved for consular processing, we went back to USCIS and made an argument to approve the extension of stay. USCIS then issued an NOIR and I left the country. We submitted an NOIR and waiting for the decision. I am not sure in the meanwhile I will be able to go for VISA stamping. I have other employers willing to sponsor in premium. Wanted to know how it went for you. BTW, what is the reason for consular processing of your case with Employer A ?
  2. Update - I got my DL renewed. SAVE will not be able to verify and they will send it to homeland security and it takes like 2 to 3 months to verify and get the DL. I completed my diversion and case dismissed with no conviction. I am going to stamping next month to Chennai with certified copies. I will post the outcome.
  3. kksk

    H4 revoked and dependents stranded in India

    can you check your travel history and see if you have a departure date entry on your I-94 cpb website
  4. Do not worry... you can stay till your I-94 expires..Your Visa must have been revoked otherwise you will not have an entry for departure.. call the Chennai consulate and check the validity of the VISA.. The same thing happen to me a while ago.. After getting a DUI, the Department of state puts an entry stating you departed from the country. Not sure why they do this and as this is happening for many peoples this is not an error and it may be done intentionally. Anyways that is not a big deal.. I tried to resolve it in many ways starting from CPB officer (CPB deferred inspection officers will direct you to Chennai consulate stating they have not made an entry and will ask you to talk to Chennai consulate ) Chennai consulate will create a ticket and will research on it for 3-4 weeks and they are going to come back and ask you to work with department of state which is actually a consulate. I am tired of trying to fix it and gave up.. consequences that you will encounter, 1. I applied for renewal of H1B and RFE stating I am not in country - Provided all documents and proof that I am in the country H1B Approved. 2. Drivers license renewal - Save cannot verify your presence and it takes 4 months to process.. I am still waiting on the feedback. not sure what other problems we might face.. but don't care... you will still have legal presence in US. Permanent resolution - clear out your case.. visit Chennai and risk stamping if it is a first DUI and you clear your medical test you will be fine and again it depends on mood of the officer. travel back to USA, a new arrival and departure record.. and a valid VISA.. Temp solution do not think about it and stay in USA as long as you can without travelling .. H1B renewal RFE will come submit docs on your presence and you should be fine..
  5. Update - My Employer submitted an RFE stating I am still in the country and we provided the proof. H1B extension got approved and I have changed the Job. I went to CPB office to get the travel record corrected, I have been directed to work with US Embassy in chennai. Several discussions with embassy and they directed me to department of state and I gave up. Recently I applied for drivers license renewal, same issues they were not able to verify the status... Got an appointment with USCIS office to get this cleared up
  6. check the travel history on your I94.. https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html Update - I went to differed inspection of CBP and they said they cannot fix the departure record. I have been directed to work with Chennai US Consulate. Now it is clear after VISA revocation, the departure entry was made by Chennai consulate stating I departed the country. I am planning on working with Murthy Law firm next week on this case not sure if this is intentional or an error. I am hoping Murty law firm will help me here. My H1B extension is still pending.. I will know by 21st April on the approval/denial of the petition.
  7. As I said this is new for attorney's and they have no clue on what is going on. I have hired an attorney on my own and we will not be able to react until USCIS approves or deny the petition. My Attorney will be surprised that arrest is entering a departure record in CBP and he thinks this as an error. But again we don't know if this is intentional. I will know by end of this week..
  8. Thanks for the email. I read the article from Murthy. I have spoken with several attorney's and no one has idea as this is new. Just checking with the forum to see if any one else faced this situation. I got an email from Chennai consulate regarding the visa revocation.
  9. I got arrested for a DUI in March.. VISA revoked in couple days through email from consulate in India stating Visa is revoked. Got the court date and went into diversion. I have not completed the diversion, I can say I am not convicted. It takes an year to get the case dismissed. Got a new Job and new H1B filed. RFE stating USCIS records indicating that I already left united states and no re-entry. Submitted a response to RFE stating that as an error and provided the proof for stay in united states. I still work for my current employer the petition is valid till next year April. Question: 1. I checked the CBP travel history and I see an entry saying I departed the country after 3 days of my arrest. I consider this as an error and I am planning on reacting this with CBP differed inspection after the outcome of my new H1B petition. Is this done on intention or an Error ? I do not see any one discussion something like this in any forums or they might have just started doing this .. 2. I will most likely know my H1B RFE result in few weeks as it is filed under premium processing. I don't think USCIS will deny the petition. I believe there is change they will approve it or they will forward it to consular notification in India. This forces me to go to India to get this stamped. If this happens is there an alternative ?