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  1. jneha82

    Does Greencard EAD void the L2-EAD?

    First, I got my L2-EAD that is valid till August 2019. Later, I got green card EAD (filed under EB1 category) that is valid till September 2018. My question is, does GC-EAD cancel the existing L2-EAD which is valid for a longer time? If yes, will I lose my work authorization after Sep 2018 if GC-EAD is not renewed? L2-EAD valid till Aug 2019 GC-EAD valid till Sep 2018
  2. jneha82

    L2-H1-L2 change of status

    Can a person change status from L2 to H1 (consume all 6 years) and then go on L2 again? Here is my status - Entered U.S on L2 visa valid from June 2006 to 2011. - Change of status from L2 to H1 visa from April 2011 to April 2017 My 6 years H1B period will complete in April 2017. Can I do COS from H1B to L2 again and continue to stay in U.S? Please help. My husband is in L1 visa.
  3. If you have requested till Jun 23rd, they will you give an updated I94 with expiry on or before June 23rd. You will not be allowed to extend any further than June 23rd. What was the reason for your extension? We have extended our parents stay and still waiting for their decision. We gave the reason of more sight seeing. Their I94 also expired in March and we have requested for extension till July 20th on Jan 22nd.
  4. jneha82

    B2 I94 extension

    Hi mkatut, I am also on the same boat. We are still waiting for the decision and my parents are still here in U.S. Their I94 was expired on March 17th 2016. Did you get the decision and are your parents still in U.S?
  5. jneha82

    Parents extension of stay in U.S still pending

    Hi GNH, Thank you for the reply. Considering the worst case scenario, if their extension of stay I539 gets rejected, we can arrange for their travel out of U.S within a week. But if they need to visit us in future (may be after 3 years), would there be any problem?
  6. Has anybody got the approval for I539 extension of stay for B1/B2 visitors? If yes, how long did it take? We have been waiting for more than 3 months now and have not yet heard about the decision.
  7. We have applied for an extension of stay (I-539 form) for my parents on 22nd Jan 2016, and we are still waiting for the USCIS decision. We have got the receipt from USCIS with the receipt date as 22nd Jan 2016. My parent's I94 have already expired on March 17 2016. The processing time in Vermont center is still June 2015. - When can we expect the decision? - We have extended their stay till July 2016. If we still don't hear till July 2016, will my parents face any issues at the border even though they have the USCIS receipt of extension of stay? We are very much worried. Please help.