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  1. d_venkata

    Visa Stamping in India

    Friends, Here is my situation. I am currently working as FTE with one of the reputed company. Current I-797 is valid till Jan 2019. I m planning for Visa Stamping in August/September 2018, which is less than 6 months of my I-797 validity. Actually 4 months. How much safe it is to go for stamping with 4 months left on I-797 validity. What are the odds ? Please share your experiences if any one in this situation.
  2. Hello Friends, I am planning to travel india with 4 months of visa. How much safe is it to go for stamping with 4 months left on H1 ? After returning from India, I am planning to apply for H1-B extension. Did anyone had similar kind of experience ?
  3. d_venkata

    Pursue Masters on H4.

    Thanks for the information.
  4. d_venkata

    Pursue Masters on H4.

    Right now I am on H4 and I am planning to pursue my Masters in one of the university near by. Once I get admission from a univ, I want to continue my education as H4 dependent since I can be eligible for the In-State tuition fee. I have couple of questions. 1) If I start with H4, when should I convert to F-1 to get the OPT eligibility ? 2) Do I need to go stamping for converting H4 ==> F1 ? Since it's a Change of Status ? ~Thanks
  5. d_venkata

    11th year H1b extn RFE, i94 expired, changing employer

    Why do you think your H1B will be denied ? Is it because of you are working with third party location ?
  6. d_venkata

    H1 B transfer denied (urgent )

    Your grace period is over, if you want to work with Emp - A. He has to file new petition. Did you check with EMP - A since you are not working with him he would have revoked your H1. Once you get denial reason, post here that will be helpful for others.
  7. Hello all, One of my friend has a scenario like this. He had his first H1 with EMP-A in 2013-2016. And he has a valid I-140 from EMP-A. He applied for an extension & it was approved from 2016-Feb 2019. Recently he transferred to a EMP-B and H1 was approved for Dec 2017 - Dev 2018. And recently he got another offer from EMP-C with a good package. Question is can he use I-140 from Emp-A for further extensions. Did any one you faced this kind of scenarios ? Appreciated.
  8. d_venkata

    Parents visa question

    Thanks for the reply. Will there be any problem in sponsoring multiple visitor visas in a short short span of time ? like with in 2-3 months
  9. d_venkata

    Parents visa question

    Recently my in-laws got approve with visitor's visa. I would like to sponsor visitor visa to my parents as well. Will there be issue ? What kind of questions can be expected ?
  10. d_venkata

    H4 dependent visa stamping.

    Hello all this is my situation, I might need some advise on how to move forward. I on H1B from 2013, I had visa until August 2016. Recently I got married and I am planning to bring my wife under H4 dependent Visa. I am confused about how to file H4 visa, Do I need to file for my extension and after that bring her or get her with my current H1B petition. If I file for extension & everything goes well. I am assuming that, she will get the visa until my H1B extension period. And she can come to US at any time after her stamping. If she goes for stamping with current H1B, she will get visa until August. Question is Do I need to apply for her H4 extension or it will get extended once my extension is approved ? What will be the better decision ?