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  1. helpseeker2016

    PTD vs No PTD

    Hi, My wife who is on H4 was recently got under Class B misdemeanor and the prosecutor has offered case dismissal subject to community service and theft class. My attorney who is a defense attorney told me that this is not a PTD. So my question is : a) Do i have to worry since this is not a PTD ? b) What are the impact of not getting a PTD from immigration standby point of view ? If i am not mistaken, in case straight dismissal records cannot be expunged for another year and if this would have been PTD then we would have got the records expunged as soon as case is dismissed. -HelpSeeker
  2. helpseeker2016

    Is ptd the only option

    We have an appointment with our attorney tomorrow, but what he told us on phone that prosecutor has agreed to dismiss our case with community service and a theft class. Attorney did not mention anything on PTD. So i am not sure, is this a good news or bad news for us, since the case is getting dismissed ?
  3. Looks like they recently started doing it for dui/dwi cases. Not sure if it involves shoplifting cases too. Have a look at this recent blog post by murthy against the very same scenario that you mentioned. http://www.murthy.com/2016/02/16/drunk-driving-arrests-result-in-visa-revocations/
  4. helpseeker2016

    Is ptd the only option

    Hi, Thanks for the prompt response 2 small follow up questions : A) assuming expunsion hasn't happened yet, if my wife applies for a job in private sector, do they generally do the background check, or it would depend on company to company ? B) what are the chances of getting h4 extension visa rejection given the fact that this was her first offense and she has been into the country for more than 9 years ? -Helpseeker
  5. helpseeker2016

    Is ptd the only option

    Hi, My wife is on h4 and she recently got misdamenor b ( shoplifting ) and the criminal attorney mentioned that ptd is the only best optIon. Is there an option at all where the records can be expunged in uscis records or is it safe to say that there is no way to expunge records from uscis ? When I asked him about direct dismissal, he said that it does not change anything as far as uscis is concerned. Can someone let me know. -help seeker
  6. We are in Texas and I am on H1 B and it's been 9 years that me & my wife are in country. First i was on L1 and then I got switched to H1 and my wife has been with me on respective dependent visa. My employer is doing my green card processing and i have I-140 cleared. This question is primarily about my wife who is on h4. Yesterday, my wife was caught doing the most stupid thing i.e. shoplifting. The retail store people called the cops and cops gave her a pink slip that says "Municipal court" on top, i believe it's a citation. When she asked, if she could call me, she was told by the cop that she cannot call anyone since she is right now under arrest. The cops pulled her records based on her Driving license & found that did not had any offense in the past, she was NOT fingerprinted, she was NOT taken to police station, but they took her photograph and also took photographs of store items that was in her possession. The total value of those items were $100 and few cents. Though on the citation, it's written a range of $100 - $749.49 They told her that you are not being handcuffed because it was her first offense. I have few questions : a) Based on what i read online, it seems we have to hire a criminal & immigration attorney. Since my GC is going via company immigration attorney. Should i involve my company at this stage ? It's very embarrassing to go back to my co. and tell them about this whole incident. I am afraid i will have to involve them since our visa extension is coming up after 5 months . I am totally confused on this ; b) Generally what are the steps that i should be performing ? Is hiring the Criminal & immigration attorney first step ? c) What are the implications on my visa extension, GC , since i was no where involved in this crime directly or indirectly, how does it affect me as a whole. I know at a high level, if my wife visa extension is rejected, then we as a family have to move out of US to stay together ; d) What are the chances of getting the case dismissed given it was her first offense and she has been doing lot of free community service for such a long time & has been associated with few NGOs; Overall she has a good moral conduct, with the exception of this incident ; e) What are the effects of this whole incident on my wife's visa extension ?