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  1. dbollini

    H1b to h4 documents ( urgent)

    Your H1 approval notice Your latest paystub Your I-94 & Passport copies Spouse’s current immigration papers (Form I-797) Spouse’s latest pay stub Marriage certificate H4 Form I-539 USCIS Filing fee - $290 In order to file for H4/EAD we need the following documents: • Two passport-style photos, • USCIS Filing Fee $380 • Copy of H-4 Approval Notice (if any); • Copy of I-94 & Passport; • Copy of last EAD card (if any); • Copy of Marriage Certificate; • Copy of spouse’s H-1B approval notice • Copy of spouse’s I-140 approval notice • Copy of spouse’s Recent Paystubs; H4-Ead form I-765
  2. dbollini

    H1 to H4 and H4-EAD

    Can i go to Mexico or Canada for Change of status from H1B to H4 please advise.
  3. dbollini

    H1 to H4 and H4-EAD

    Yes i am the same person about NIW query you are right and yes i did meet a lawyer about my NIW and H$4 status too. I thought i will check in the forum too.Thanks for inputs
  4. dbollini

    H1 to H4 and H4-EAD

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to convert to H4 and H4-EAD to continue working,I am on my H1-B 7th year now but my I-140 received query and its complicated so my option to continue working is H4-EAD.My H1B currently is Valid till Jan 2017 1)Can I apply both H4 and H4-EAd at the same time...I know its an YES so then Can i put Effective dates to start for both (H4 and H4-EAD) 6 months from now or are there any number of day limits? 2)If i don't have H4 Stamping and my H4 gets approved before my H4-EAD,Can i go to INDIA when H4-EAD is in process? 3) what are the possibilities of both getting approved together H4 and H4-EAD with less gap in employment? 4)How can i make sure so that i get less gap in employment as i am Full time. Thanks in Advance for all your replies and suggestions.
  5. dbollini

    RFE for EB2-NIW

    Thanks for your response unfortunately MD Anderson do not process normal Labor for I-140 or i would not agree for EB2-NIW in the first place. We do not have lawyers on site ,We just have visa departments and managers.They told me to talk to lawyers and they said its very tough case to resolve as i do not have publications and citattions. I work for Research Department Phase-I clinical trails its very unique and we have to develop software and do coding in unique way understanding there requirements which is challenge.
  6. I work in MD Anderson Cancer Center as Research Programmer from 7 Years in Houston,Texas,I did my Masters in Management Information Systems(MIS). MD Anderson applied my I-140-NIW in November 2014 and i received a query today Requesting for more Evidence(RFE) . My RFE states that i do not conduct Research on Drus or trails ,so theya re asking me how am i beneficial to National interest? My scope is limited to MD Anderson so they are asking me how am i beneficial to Nation being in IT MY NIW was supported by 6 Recommendation Letters from Colleagues and numerous documentation but we received RFE as i am on IT side. Please let me know if its possible to answer this RFE so that i can get my I-140 Approved with no issues and further queries.