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  1. I have been recently trying to think why was 221g invoked in my case. I went through some of the reason mentioned on ********** to look for the reasons why 221g might be invoked. • H-1B employer required the beneficiary to pay the ACWIA fee[8] or deducted certain fees associated with filing the I-129 petition, effectively lowering the beneficiary’s wages to less than the required prevailing wage; • Employer failed to pay the beneficiary at least the prevailing wage for the particular occupation in the specific geographical location, as noted and attested to on the LCA filed with DOL; • Beneficiary was working in a geographical location not covered by a valid Labor Condition Application (LCA) filed with Department of Labor (DOL); • The employer placed the beneficiary in a non-productive status, commonly referred to as “benching”[9] (where the beneficiaries are not paid or paid less than the full hours specified on the petition), when work was not immediately or continuously available; • Business did not exist, no evidence of daily business activity, the business location was unable to support the number of employees claimed, or there was no evidence that the employer ever intended for the beneficiary to fill the actual job offered; • Educational degrees or experience letters submitted were confirmed to be fraudulent; • Signatures had been forged on supporting documentation; and • Beneficiary performing duties that were significantly different from those described on the LCA and I-129 petition. • Firms with 25 or fewer employees have higher rates of fraud or technical violation(s) than larger-sized companies. • Firms with an annual gross income of less than $10 million have higher rates of fraud or technical violation(s) than firms with an annual gross income greater than $10 million. • Firms in existence less than 10 years have higher incidences of fraud or technical violation(s) than those in existence for more than 10 years. • Beneficiaries with only bachelor's degrees had higher fraud or technical violation(s) rates than did those with graduate degrees.
  2. The status today shows 19th April, 2016 as the "Status Updates Date". Exactly six weeks since the last updated date 8th March, 2016.
  3. No news today. Today marks the end of six weeks that I have submitted my documents.
  4. No news as of 13th April. Status still show "Administrative Processing". Wrote to Kolkata Consulate yesterday. No reply.
  5. Called NVC today. They mentioned that they see a note on my file dated 8th March, 2016 saying that the case has been "Put on 221g hold pending visa interview". I asked the lady on the other end if she really sees a note in that effect. She said yes. The note is from 8th March. I have called NVC earlier several times. No one had mentioned this. One person had mentioned that I might be called for an interview. I am not sure if I should write to Kokata Embassy or not. Last time I wrote to Kolkata Embassy, they said that there is no need for an interview yet.
  6. I just realized that my emails to Kolkata Consulate were replied by Kolkata FPU. FPU stand for "Fraud Prevention Unit". I think since mine was drop box and not interview, I was not given Orange Slip. But I think I can assume that FPU is doing it's internal processing. From what I see there is no time limit to it.
  7. No news yet. Status is still "Administrative Processing". Today marks completion of 5 weeks I have submitted my documents.
  8. I was told incorrectly by NVC about the possible interview.
  9. I called NVC today morning (9AM IST 4/6) and they said that Kolkata Embassy will call me for an interview. Haven't heard from Kolkata embassy yet.
  10. No update yet. The status still shows administrative processing.
  11. I called NVC today and they confirmed/informed me that my case is under review under 221g. So even if my online status shows only "Administrative Processing" it is actually 221g.
  12. On 3/29 got a reply back from Kolkata Consulate stating that my case is under going Administrative Processing. (Very Standard reply). Also on 3/29 I called the National Visa Center and the lady told me that my case is undergoing Administrative Processing. She also mentioned that Administrative process is nothing but 221g. This is the first time I heard this. I have not been asked for any supplemental document from the Consulate.
  13. No update from US consulate yet. If you ask USAtraveldocs they claim ignorance. If you call consulate, they will ask you to get in touch with USAtraveldocs. I wrote to USAtraveldocs. Its 3/28 today and still no reply from either from the Consulate or USAtraveldocs.
  14. alaskab4udie

    H1B dropbox processing while present in US?

    Be in India when you use the drop box.