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  1. Guys , Thanks to all who helped me with their answers. Update from my end .. I got a reply from Consulate saying " My case is approved and asked me to Submit the Passport " , On the same day i went and submitted , i was asked to collect the passport Next day . So I went and got my passport with visa stamp and i am back in US now . It took total 7 working days to get the visa. If you get a 221g , please dont worry . It might take a week or 2 weeks but will get the visa . Please contact me if you have any questions.
  2. harika07

    Submitted DS160 without Upload Photo Ottawa

    Dont worry , You can carry a picture with you and that would be fine.they will stick that pic on back side of your passport .
  3. Hi , I am in a similar situation , did they contact your client ???
  4. Hi , Can i have your email id please??
  5. harika07

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    Hi Chandra , Can you please give me your email id ? I am also in a similar situation. Did your client manager sent an email to Consulate or she replied to the consulate email ???
  6. Thanks a lot Tom9 and YSC123 , your answers are big relief to me , I have already informed my Client manager and he will reply to them if he receives an email.
  7. @tom9 - i am in EVC Model , My H1b Transfer and extension was filed by Employer B with a Vendor A for the same end client i am working . End Client and Employer are same but Vendor is different . My first H1b - Employer A - Visa Stamp Valid till Sep 2016 . Transferred to Employer B in June and got petition approved till 2019. When filing Petition Employer B filed to end client with Vendor A and later we had to work with Vendor B . When i went to collect the passport to counter B , they took me to VO (Which I didn't expect ). He asked me who are you working for , i replied Employer B , and he asked me did you stop working for Employer A , i replied Yes . then he canceled my Visa stamp with CWOP. I asked him why did he cancel , he told me he since i no more work for employer A he canceled it. 797 Petition ,all client letters ,I129 Petition are still with them. Yesterday when i checked my case online , Status Date was updated to 29th from 28th , So wat does this mean. All my documents are genuine and getting the passport is a wrong thing which will slow down the process ??? My Attorney has already sent a document explaining them my employment with end clients. What are my chances of getting Visa Approved . Does VO also be included in my case or Admin Processing is handled by a different department ? I am totally frustrated now.
  8. Hi Jsnvslm my attorney adviced me to get the passport , so i went to the embassy today and got my passport back and i was taken to the same VO again , he told me other people are looking into the case , he returned my passport canceling the valid h1b stamp with CWOP. i tried to explain him about my employment and he asked me to write in email. taking passport back Will send any wrong signals ?? and will the admin processing gets delayed ???
  9. HI KCK , i am also in the same situation .. do you by any chance have the email you recevied from the US Consulate
  10. Hi All , I have attended Visa interview today at Vancour, Canada. The VO issued me a white slip " ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING ", it doesnt have my Case No on it. I am working at End client , through Vendor A and for the same client my h1b petetion was filed with Vendor B for a different position . The other posiiton was closed so i am continuing in same position with Vendor A. At the visa interview the VO asked my end client letter and asked about the difference in Vendors and he took other supporting documents ,Passport and I 797 ,he gave me the white slip. I am worried now whats going to happen , i am in Vancour and cant travel back to US since i dont have my passport. I have a valid H1b visa stamp till Sep 2016 , since i have a travel plans to india , i came for the visa interview. Did anyone face similar situation , Getting a White slip ( its not 221g because i cheked it online and the form i have is not the same as 221g white form ). Any inputs would be really helpful Thanks Harika I have a valid H1b visa stamp till Sep 2016 , since i have a travel plans to india , i came for the visa interview.
  11. harika07

    H1b Amendment- Help needed

    Hi All , I came to US in Nov 2013 and been working for a client X and 2 months back i have changed to Client Y in a different state with the same employer . My employer haven't filed applied for new LCA or Amendment before i started working, he wants to do it now . Will there be a problem if i file the amendment now , and what are the chances of approval bcoz i am filing it late and my extension is due in Sep 2016. Will this affect the chances of my extension All my pay stubs till date have the address of my employer location instead of client location, will this be a problem? Is transferring my H1 to a new employer a good option ?? Can someone please guide me . Regards Harika