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  1. freetoz

    H4 EAD to H1B | RFE

    03/20/2018 My Employer has responded to the RFE in Nov 2017 but the application is still in processing. Background: I came to US on H4 and i have been working on H4 EAD. My Employer has filed H1B(along with COS) last year(2017), which got picked in lottery but still in processing(as of Mar 20,2018. Note: I got an RFE, which was replied in Nov 2017). Since the application is still in processing and taking very long time, my employer would like to file another H1B for fiscal year 2019. How safe is it to apply while there is one already in processing? Also, I would like to plan for India trip in May 2018. If i step out of the country, i need to go stamping because my H4 stamping is valid only till 2017 but my visa is valid till 2020. Question1: If i let my Employer file H1 again for fiscal year 2019, can i travel to India ? this time with out filing COS? Question2: I read that if i travel while COS pending , my COS that was filed along with H1 in 2017 will be abandoned. In that case, can i travel to India and go to stamping to get my H4 visa stamped ? What are the consequences if my H1B gets approved/denied after i got to India. Thanks for your inputs in Advance.
  2. freetoz

    H4 EAD to H1B | RFE

    I am currently on H4 EAD with Employer B. My previous Employer A has filed my H1B in Apr 2017 and it got picked in Lottery. Since my project ended in June 2017 i had to look for another project. I started my new job in August with Employer B since legally on H4 EAD i can work for any Employer and of course come October 1st i need to work under Employer A provided my H1B is approved. Employer A is aware of this. Since my Spouse's H1B and my H4 + EAD were expiring in Sep 2017, my spouse's employer filed for both H1B, H4 Extension & EAD Renewal in March, they all got approved til 2020. Couple of days ago, i got an RFE and i am wondering what could be the documents they are requesting for ? I am little worried if the RFE is going to be something about conflict in Employer, i.e., my previous employer A filing my H1 versus me working for current Employer B. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hello ~ I am currently on H4 EAD valid till 2020. Back in March 2017, My Employer(A) was willing to Sponsor H1B for Fiscal year 2017. Because of the uncertainity and speculations of H4 EAD i have agreed for Employer(A) to sponsor and the application got picked in the lottery. The application is still in processing. My contract at the client place is ending in a week and i have started looking for a Job. My problem is, i am not really happy with the way my Employer is marketing my Resume, also i am getting more offers if i mention i am on H4 EAD and its valid till 2020 versus if i mention about H1B underway. My question is, can i work on W2 for a different Employer(B), while i wait for H1 to get approved or till Sep 2017, which ever comes first? Can you suggest any other option ? Thanks in advance.
  4. 03/28/2017 I am currently on H4 EAD. My Employer is filing my H1 in Regular. Is it okay to travel to India(on H4) for a month in May, after filing H1 ? Some people are suggesting not to travel while some people are saying it should be fine. I would like to know the consequences. Also, my spouse has applied for my H4 and EAD Extension(this week) since his H1 Extension is up for Renewal. Thanks in Advance.
  5. freetoz

    H4 EAD versus H1B

    Hello ~ I am currently on H4 EAD and i have an Employer. I am applying for H4 Extension this month(March) along with my Husbands H1B Extension, my Husband's H1B is expiring this year in Sep 2017. My Employer is willing to Sponsor for H1B this year. I am not too sure if it is really a good idea to file for H1B instead of sticking to H4 and working on EAD. There are speculations that H4 EAD is uncertain/potentially at risk under the current circumstances. I have done my research and planning to proceed with H4 Extension First (since H4 will go through as long as my Husband's H1B Extension is approved) versus my Employer filing H1B is slightly a long shot with lottery involved. My Question is: Just to be on safer side with H4 EAD at potential risk, should i let my Employer file H1B(in Regular) while my H4 Extension is being filed(in Premium). Are there any glitches with this approach ? Cheers, Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hello - Looking for a suggestion in regards to my Wife applying for a H1B or waiting for my PERM and I140 Approval for H4 EAD. My Employer has applied for PERM last year in Oct, 2015. Upon tracking the perm processing times, currently Sep 2015 is being processed. I am guessing by next month(April) or so, i will get to hear about my PERM and i am planning to apply for I 140 ASAP if everything goes well and my PERM gets approved. On the other hand, we are thinking of a back up plan of applying for H1B this year. My wife didn't go for Masters in States, she has her Bachelors from Back home. We are very well aware of the fact that it is going to be lottery this year as well but luckily if her application gets picked, she gets to work from Oct 2016. We are not sure if we really should go a head and apply for H1B, knowing i will get to know about my PERM result soon and provided everything goes well with my PERM and I 140, she can probably start working before October 2016, Would highly appreciate if you could give your two cents on this. Thanks.
  7. Hello ~ My Employer has applied for Perm on 10/05/2015. I have checked PERM processing times on ICERT, currently its September 2015 as of Mar 7, 2016 I understand that it hasn't been 6 months yet since the time of my application, However based on the current processing times, i am wondering if i can expect the Perm Approval in the next month April 2016, provided everything goes well during the process. Can i please get some thoughts on this ? Thanks in Advance.