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  1. Nonimmi_us

    H4-EAD pending for 5 months

    No wait. Wont help much. If u applied h4 n EAD concurrently it takes time
  2. Would suggest you to wait till the process is completed. Or take the risk and apply. If you are lucky you might get and then may be send the amendment notice/proof.
  3. Nonimmi_us

    Can you apply for I-140 on H4 EAD?

    Scenario 1. Applied for perm on 6th yr of H1B 2. Changed to H4 and got H4 EAD (as spouse has 1-140 approval) 3. Waiting for PERM approval, once perm is approved can I apply for 140? 4. Or should i change again to H1 to apply I-140? 5. Based on the response have to decide to take FT positions or C2C only. Thinking of applying I140 as a back up. But not sure if that is an option. So trying to confirm in this post. Thanks Comment to this post of email to h1ottawaoct@gmail.com
  4. Scenario 1. Applied for perm during 6th yr of H1 2. H1 expired and converted to H4 and obtained H4 EAD 3. Still didnt receive perm approval, been 7 months 4. If perm approved in 2 months, can one apply for I140? Or should one convert to H1 again and apply for 1140? Please reply accurately as much as possible. If one cannot apply for I-140 on H4 EAD, we dont want to waste time and money. Only reason we are considering the option is as a back up GC if something happens to spouse's GC process. (1-140 already approved). Based on this have to decide to apply for FT positions or Corp-corp Thanks! Email at h1ottawaoct@gmail.com