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  1. Hi,My employer was provided the response to my RFE on 1st May 2017 in Normal process. The USCIS website shows that the they have received the response on May 1st 2017 and will start working on the case. Can anybody have any guess estimate how long USCIS generally taking time to provide the decision. The case is with California centre.Thanks,Suman
  2. Dear All, I have query regarding H4 visa stamping in consulate present in India 1. I have stamped visa from old company which is valid till 7/26/2016. My wife and kid are also having H4 till that date and it was from same old company. 2. I have transferred my visa to new company and I 94 is amended till 05/31/2017. During this transfer process my wife and kids are in India. So they don't have any I797. 3. I have approved I 797A of mine only. In this scenario now my wife and kids wanted do the stamping in Kolkata consulate then what are the documents she needs to produce (original and Copy). Also please confirm that whether she will having the dropbox eligibility(Interview waiver program) as she is applying for the same class. Thanks, Suman