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  1. Yesmn123

    DUI conviction | H1B extension

    Thank you pontevecchio .. I don’t have a stamped visa in my passport , however I have a valid H1B extension (I797) until Dec-2019. (Applied within US ) I have no plans to travel out of county at this time. Can I still be eligible to apply extension .? Or should I necessarily leave country to file a new H1B . (I don’t want to risk that if I can apply extension staying inside the country)
  2. Got convicted of a DUI (misdemeanor) last month and have my visa extension coming up in Dec-2019. I am still in US,(in informal probation) 1) am I eligible to apply for visa extension while in US or should I leave the country .? 2) is DUI conviction triggers automatic visa extension denial? 3) what are chances of visa extension denial ?
  3. Hi , here is a precise note is status , issue & question Current status : H1B visa approved until Jan-2020. No stamped visa (applied extension from US after visa expiration) Charges : Caught on Dui , charged for DWI/DUI (first offense) . Working with attorney and not yet convicted Question : 1) have not receive any notice on H1B revocation (assuming as I don’t have one ) . Correct if I am right 2) will my approved H1 (until Jan-2020) be revoked as well ? 3) Incase if I am convicted , possible visa extension issues in Jan-2020. if I clear all penalties/fines before next extension, will that help ? Any suggestion how to handle .
  4. Hi , Here is my case & any sort of suggestion will help H1 : Stamped until Dec-2016 :: i94expired due to passport expiry Sept-2015 , so H1 extension was filled & in-progress from Jun-2015 H4 : Stamped until Dec-2016 :: i94 expired on 02-Jan-2016 Realized late that cannot stay in country with i94 expiry, & couldn't apply any extension. My spouse left India on 10-Jan-2016 Question is : 1) I am doing premium for H1 & planning to get my spouse back in to country. is there any other way to do right 2) Is this 8 days out of status for H4 causes any issue at "port of entry". Any suggestion how to overcome.