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  1. Hi, My dad and mom qualified for dropbox option, however my mom's visa got denied but dad got his visa! And this is after she has visited me 4 times in the last 10 years and has gone back promptly every time! I believe she has to prove her ties to India with financial documentation. She received a 214b, saying "Today's decision cannot be appealed, however you can reapply at any time. If you decide to reapply, you must submit new application form and photo, pay the visa fee again as applicable and be interviewed by a consular officer." However she also received a 221g sheet, with a case number and this option ticked "Please appear for an interview with a consular officer Mon, Tue, Thu from 10AM-11 AM. Please bring this letter for the interview. Do not make a new appointment" Nothing else is checked on 221g, no documents line items have been checked. Now what should i do? I have a few questions! 1) How should she get to the consular officer? I can think of following options, which one? A -> Send my mom to Chennai with the 221g form, OLD DS160, supporting documents during the window specified in 221g and not take a new appointment? B -> Send my mom to Chennai with the 221g form, fill out a NEW DS160, supporting documents during the window specified in 221g and not take a new appointment? C -> Start fresh, Fill new DS 160, pay visa application fee again, take an appointment, and send her to chennai with all documentation? 2) What documentation has helped in securing visa? My mom has a bank account that she can show. Should i also send my financial documents? And my sister lives in India, will her details help? 3) How can she get a preferred language for the interview if she just has to show up as mentioned in 221g? My dad has always accompanied my mom in visa interviews as a group, now she has to go alone, she cant speak fluent English, i need a specific language for the interview. How can i request this if she doesnt take an appointment? I am anxious to send my mom alone for the interview, but i don't have a choice... If anyone has experienced this, let me know how you approached this? Thanks!
  2. I have been working in the USA for 10 years now and now am in a senior manager position. However i have not worked as a manager outside of the USA. and on EB2 waiting for date to become current! which can take years as we are seeing. Am i qualified for Eb2 to Eb1 conversion? I hear conflicting feedback from different folks and even from lawyers. Has anyone tried this route staying within the US all through their career?
  3. But what i have heard is that you could keep your PD but you will have to file Labor for the new location and I40 with old PD for the new location. That will take me back a year, so was wondering if these steps are necessary or not. I have asked my lawyers but yet to hear back! So any info is appreciated!
  4. Hi, I am planning to move to a different state for my work but with the same employer and same job description. Does anyone know if Labor/PERM and I140 have to be re-done? Or is it just I140? Does USCIS have any information that i can read?