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  1. gorantlamk

    Priority Dates?

    On the bright side you can look forward to April visa bulletin and get greened once it rolls over.
  2. gorantlamk

    Job Offer and AC 21 Process

    There was no change in law. Your employer was trying to exploit the situation. You can change employers and invoke AC 21. make sure your new employer is willing to give you the job offer with a similar job description as that filed in Labor certification.
  3. gorantlamk

    EB3 to EB2 conversion

    If the position you are working as requires at least 5 years of experience with a bachelors degree, you are eligible for the upgrade. Your employer will have to file a separate PERM and 140. good luck.
  4. gorantlamk

    Is there any law for legal immigrants ...?

    Believe it or not it was put forth in 1965 and the world has changed siginificantly since then. The world you know of ( or not know of) in 60s is not the same today.
  5. gorantlamk

    Is there any law for legal immigrants ...?

    It applies to quota system also. It was put in place decades ago and world has changed since then, Thats why we need to change the status quo.
  6. gorantlamk

    I 485 TSC no update since filing in June

    I had applied in Jan, the last communication i had was for FP notice. NSC. LUD jan 24th. no further communication since then.
  7. gorantlamk

    Status change from Initial Review to Acceptance

    1) Some one started working on your case, they might preadjudicate if they have everything needed, if not they will issue RFE. if dont hear anything from them in the next 6 weeks assume that you are preadjudicated 2)Your PD must be current in order to get GC. So you are one of the many waiting with 2008 PD( inluding me). My guess is we may have to wait until end of the fiscal year. worst case scenario until next year. 2)
  8. gorantlamk

    Demand Data July 2012 Released - Analysis

    17k is only cases pending visa approval there are so many cases from jan, Feb, March, and Apr that are not yet processed, you will get more than 60k, wait until sep to see that number., i m conservative with that number.
  9. gorantlamk

    B1 to H1 conversion

    No. not from b1 to h1. You will have to go out of the country and get your h1 stamped.
  10. gorantlamk

    Demand Data July 2012 Released - Analysis

    Those numbers are for applications pending visa numbers. There are several thousands of applications pending processing, which would be completed by the end of Sepetember. It is belived that There are close to 60k application in total. I am not trying to pour water on ur hopes. But thats the reality. i am waiting as well. Lets hope some thing good happens.
  11. USCIS started processing cases from January, and thats the reason you saw a mobile or email alert. Which is a good thing beacuse now you know some one is working on ur case.
  12. gorantlamk

    Green Card questions - current dates

    Dont assume things. Go with the process. apply for EAD. If the dates become current for you good if not you dot have to worry as you have already applied for EAD.
  13. gorantlamk

    CIS OMB response

    We saw an approval today, so you should proly take infopass and enquire once again.
  14. Talk to a lawyer and have them go with you for your infopass appointment. its worth a last try. you ve waited for so long why dont you try it onw more time.
  15. gorantlamk

    EAD incentives for Employer?

    he doesnt have to apply for your H1, which would cost him around $5k.
  16. gorantlamk

    OCT 2012 bulletin could be ?

    Stop counting chickens before they hatch. october is five months away why deprive your sleep over some thing that you have no control off? Besides you are dealing wth USCIS which is completly unpredictable. Stop worrying.
  17. Does that mean it was pre-adjudicated or approved?, As i read from your previous post your PD is Apr 2008 it is an interesting development considering the latest announcements.
  18. gorantlamk

    i485 Approved before FingerPrints

    Did you fill out AR-11( chnage of address) from while your application is pending? if so what they have sent is a mere confirmation of address change and nothing else. This has been a common error i have seen in many forums.
  19. gorantlamk

    January 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Did you fill out AR-11( chnage of address) from while your application is pending? if so what they have sent is a mere confirmation of address change and nothing else. This has been a common error i have seen in many forums.
  20. There are one or two approvals. Even with retro your date is very close to Aug 2007 which would put u first in line whenever they open visa numbers. We cant completely rule out your chances before Apr 30 though. Good luck.
  21. gorantlamk

    Checking case status legality

    That doesnt really tell you anyhting, does it? So the point is mute.
  22. We sure will know next week. But at this point it looks like we may have to wait until Sep/Oct. We have waited for so long we can wait for another four or five months.
  23. gorantlamk

    January 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Talk of the town is that visa for 2nd quarter are over and will only see any approvals ater april 1st. stay tight.
  24. If you apply for CPT you will have to gro through paper work every quarter or semester to renew it. If you use your EAD you dont have to go through that. apart from that i dont see any other difference. Sometimes employers doesnt want to go through that kind of paperwork. If i were you i would use EAD, its my opinion others may not agree with it.
  25. gorantlamk

    Question about GC and Travel

    1) Yes 2) It depends on the officer at POE, if you have everything right dont worry about it. 3)You dont need to go for visa as you already have apporved AP. unless you dont want to enter on AP ( which i dont see why) yuo have to go for h1B stamping 4)Same answer as 3 you can enter on AP and not worry about stamping.