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  1. Thanks Joe...I shall only be working for the employer. Having a subcontract offer between the employer and my Canadian Corporation.
  2. Hi, I am a Canadian Citizen currently getting a opportunity to work with a Company in US on a Corp-to-Corp basis. They are interested in getting me in a TN visa and preparing the paper work. I have my own corporation here in Canada. 1) Can I corp-to-corp with a US company such that the US company pays my Canadian company directly and my company pays me ? I have some friends who say it is not possible and others say it is possible. A bit confused. 2) How do they need to word the TN invitation letter..i.e Mention that they have subcontracted with my Company XYZ to send me to US for services. 3) How is the taxation..Do I need to pay both US and Canada taxes. Regards, RKMSND
  3. Hi Gurus, My sister is a US Citizen and planning to sponsor my GC under the Family GC Scheme. I am a Canadian citizen and in Canada for the past 10 years. Couple of questions 1) What is the average time frame for getting my GC under the "Family Sponsored Scheme". Some folks tell me around 2-3 years and others tell me it will be around 10-12 years. Its very confusing. 2) How much would it cost me ? Looking for some inputs. Regards, RKMCAN